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Every one is looking for an easy way to whiten their teeth. Whether you're single and socially active, you're a professional that needs to look good on the job or you're sick of being self conscious when you smile there are many different ways to brighten that smile. The most common solutions that come to mind for most people are the toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth. We see these ads all the time for toothpaste with fancy ingredients that promise to whiten your teeth. Unfortunately toothpaste can only help scrub the surface of your tooth enamel and can't penetrate to where the stains are on the inside of the enamel. Tooth whitening gel whether applied at home or in the dentist's chair is an increasingly popular procedure that lightens the color of your teeth and reduces the appearance of stains at th same time.

Types of Teeth Stains

Teeth whitening gels reduce extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are stains that appear on the surface of teeth because of exposure to dark colored beverages like coffee and sodas, certain types of food and tobacco. Prophylactic dental cleaning as well as regular brushing can take care of most of these superficial stains. More stubborn stains respond to bleaching. extrinsic stains that are persistent as indrinking black coffee every day can eventually penetrate into dentin and become ingrained if they are not looked after in the early stages. Intrinsic stains actually form within the tooth and generally are caused by trauma, aging and long term exposure to minerals. Age of course has a big role to play in both types of stains because teeth darken over time from wear and tear and through the layering of stains. Here in this photo to the right you have a middle aged woman getting her teeth whitened using the gel tray kit. Of course she could be at the dentist or at home, it's unclear from the photo

Teeth Whitening Gel For Home Use

Teeth whitening gel or teeth bleaching gel at their inception were only available through dentist. However there are new tooth whitening gel products that are available over the counter for use in the home. Although not as concentrated as the bright teeth whitening gel used at your dentist they are still quite effective and much less costly to administer when doing it yourself. This gel is made up of carbamide peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and hydrogen peroxide. The gel typically comes as teeth whitening gel kits that are basically teeth whitening gel trays to fill with the gel product that will fit onto your upper and lower teeth.

Sometimes these pre made trays don't fit properly and can cause discomfort and irritation because of the ill fitting tray or maybe the gel is coming into contact with the gum line for an extended period of time. In that case there are teeth whitening gel products where you can take an impression of your teeth (no dentist necessary) to create a rubber tray much like the old time retainers so that the fit is perfect and the gel remains in close contact with the entire surface area of the teeth for the best results.

How Teeth Whitening Gel Works

The whitening process from the gel is actually quite simple. the active ingredients in the gel is broken down and allows oxygen to enter the enamel and bleach the colored areas of the enamel.The trays of gel are left on the teeth for a minimum of an hour to a maximum of overnight depending on the concentration of active ingredients in the gel. the lower the percentage of peroxide in the gel the longer you can wear the tray in a safe manner. These kits are usually available for slightly less than $100 and up. there are many advertisers with varying claims of having the best teeth whitening gel or having the most professional teeth whitening gel. Most all of these pitches are just advertising. There are claims of a guaranteed number of shades of improvement.

The advantage of going to a dentist is that he/she will give you a better idea of what to expect from this type of treatment because they can examine your enamel in more detail and measure enamel wear and translucency to give you a better idea of what to expect. They also use a whitening gel that has a much higher concentration of peroxide and they also use laser light as a finishing step. Many people feel that these treatments give better results than the at home gel kits. The dentist will also show you the Vitapan classic shade guide standard using a universal tooth color terminology with 16 shades to give you a good idea of what your teeth will look like after treatment. The main factor with going to your dentist for teeth whitening is cost. You can expect to pay not less than $300 and more likely you will find yourself having to spend close to $500.

Group Teeth Whitening at The Dentist
Group Teeth Whitening at The Dentist

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Gel

There are some side effects from the use of teeth whitening gels that are useful to keep in mind. For one, bleaching causes a short-lived increase in your teeth sensitivity to temperature pressure and touch, especially if you been to a dentist for the treatment because they use higher concentration tooth gels. If you have significant gun recession and cracks in your teeth then your period of sensitivity will last a bit longer. It probably best to use a toothpaste like sensodyne during this period. there may also be gum irritation from the hydrogen peroxide and mis matched colors on your teeth due to the fact that dental crowns and enamel venerrs are not affected by bleaching agents in the gel.

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Stephen 7 years ago

This is a very informative and well written article. I especially loved the section you wrote about the types of teeth stains you get. I had no idea it even existed.

I have recently been testing a well known home whitening system of my own and it's working so far. I think more and more people are becoming concerned with their teeth. So writing and article about it is a very god idea.

Great article!

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