Teeth Whitening Information – 4 Facts to Know About This Process


Teeth Whitening Facts

Teeth Whitening Fact # 1 – A Look at Teeth Whitening History

If you do not know yet, teeth whitening had been in circulation centuries ago. Actually, the early Egyptians are considered the origin of making teeth whitener methods. However, as of the present, there are numerous types of substances that are employed to restore the pearly white color of your teeth that had been discolored due to some factors.

The most prevalent way of teeth whitening is through the use of carbamide peroxide. This is a type of substance that your dentist utilizes when you want to have teeth whitening in-office. The carbamide peroxide that they use contains an extremely elevated strength to give you the best result. However, there are certain side effects associated to this kind of teeth whitening technique.

Teeth Whitening Fact # 2 – The Process

The substance is put on to your teeth which split into hydrogen peroxide as soon as it enters your mouth. To make the procedure quicker, the dentist may utilize a distinctive light. It is interesting to note that a number of teeth whitening techniques utilize solely hydrogen peroxide. What is only lacking is the light used by dentists to speed up the procedure. However, using hydrogen peroxide only will not provide you the result unlike the result of carbamide peroxide.

Teeth Whitening Fact # 3 – The Use of Special Agents

Teeth whitening is a technique used to eliminate the blemishes and yellowing of the teeth through the use of chemicals that can bleach the teeth to restore their pearly white shade. The teeth that are immensely discolored can be enhanced through scales and polishes that your dentist will perform. There are also some forms of procedures that cosmetic dentists can do like in-office teeth whitening as well as specialized take-home tooth-whitening kits including customized trays.

Equally, these processes are established through lightening procedures that utilize a peroxide-based complex containing different intensity that ranges from 3% to 30%. The more elevated the strength of the peroxide, the better the lightening complex is. On the other hand, bleaching teeth through carbamide peroxide can cause injury to the adjacent gum tissue as well as lips.

Teeth Whitening Fact # 4 – Preventive Measures throughout the Teeth Whitening Process

It is extremely essential that your dentist should separate your gums and lips through the use of shielding stuff to put off any form of possible injury to the smooth tissue. But, if you will use home whitening instruments, you do not have to worry about encountering possible injuries because they contain lesser intensity of peroxide. On the other hand, make sure that when you want to perform home teeth whitening procedures, ask the help of your dentist. He will teach you how to do it properly to avoid certain injuries.

The home whitening equipment will give you an enduring outcome for a long period of time, unlike the in-office teeth whitening which presents instant outcomes. The combination of in-office teeth whitening as well as home teeth whitening kits can give you a complete answer to speedy and enduring teeth whitening requirements. On top of that, the result of teeth whitening procedure will depend upon the kinds of whitening procedure employed as well as the gravity of your teeth discoloration.

These sets of teeth whitening information can serve as your guide while you are still contemplating to undergo the process. Use these facts wisely and make sure you gather more information about various teeth whitening products and procedures before you even use them.



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