Teeth Whitening Trays- Reviewed

Teeth whitening trays come in several forms and are used to apply teeth whitening gels or cream to the teeth.

Custom made trays can be bought from your dentist. These trays are created from a rubber mold that the dentist takes from your teeth and will be a perfect fit over your own teeth. Despite being the best way to apply most teeth whitening products they are also very expensive often costing hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately there are several cost effective alternatives that do a fantastic job as teeth whitening trays and won't cost you a fortune.

Below I will look at custom ordered trays, trays that you mold to your own mouth shape at home, the trays that come with tooth whitening kits, and teeth whitening products that don't require trays.

Teeth Whitening Trays
Teeth Whitening Trays

Trays For Custom Order

There are several trays that you can purchase to order from amazon.com that can be custom made to fit your own mouth perfectly.

These kits are sent with everything that you need to create a mold of your teeth. Having created your mold you use a reply paid envelope to send the mold to a lab where they create your new custom made trays in a week to ten days.

One of these systems (shown below) receives rave reviews from people that have purchased it on Amazon with the product receiving five stars overall from 24 ratings. One review typical of all of the others says:

"This was such an inexpensive, fast and easy way to purchase whitening trays! The instructions are clear and exact and customer service is responsive and helpful."

You can read the rest of the 24 reviews for yourself by clicking on the link below to take you to the product page.

Trays That You Mold At Home

Teeth whitening trays that you can mold at home are not like the custom trays that you send away.

Instead, these trays use one of several methods to get the best fit possible for your mouth. Some of them require you to boil the trays, cool them slightly and then bite into them to get an impression of your teeth. Others just require you to bite into a silicone like substance to get a good tray mold. 

If you decide to use this kind of tray you should try and read the online instructions before purchasing to make sure that you are comfortable that you will be able to get a good fit. It is also a good idea to read the reviews from other purchasers to see their tips. 

Amazon.com includes instructions on its trays as well as reviews so that you can decide for yourself whether you think that they will be suitable for you. 

Due to the fact that these trays are not made by a lab to exactly fit the shape of your teeth they will not be as perfect as custom made trays would be. However many people do report getting good results when using these trays and they are substantially cheaper than a custom tray would be. 

Teeth Whitening Kits That Include Trays

Many kits that can be bought online include both a whitening gel and teeth whitening trays in one pack. The great advantage of these kits is that the trays that are included have been specifically designed to work well with the whitening product inside. 

The other great advantage is that kits including trays very often don't cost much more than purchasing the whitening gel alone which means that the trays are either very cheap or almost free. 

When choosing a kit try to ensure that it includes everything that you need so that you know exactly what the total cost to you will be. 

The following two whitening kits below are the most popular ones on Amazon and I have personally used Nite White to great effect. 

Products That Don't Require Trays...

Some products on the market do not require trays. One of these, Crest White Strips, is currently one of the most popular whitening products on Amazon receiving rave customer reviews. 

Rather than using trays Crest Whitestrips use a convenient strip system where small, clear strips are applied to the teeth and left there for a period of time over several consecutive days. 

Many purchasers report very effective results. These strips are not only convenient they are also cost effective. Below is a video created by a user of Crest white strips that demonstrates exactly how they are used. 

Crest White Strips Video

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