The Best Panties For Men Ever? Secret Hug Olga Panties

In spite of the name being somewhat reminiscent of a heavyset Austrian milk maid, Olga panties have sent more than one man who wears lingerie into fits of fan boy passion. Why? Because Olga produces some of the filmiest, floatiest lingerie you will ever see, that's why. Olga panties feel like a satin cloud wrapped up in a silk bowtie presented to you by a man wearing a lace dress and a monocle. (Yes, I still have a raging cold which is degrading my inherent need to make sense. This is what I get for poking fun at my boyfriend having the man flu a week ago... apparently man flu can be contagious to women as well. What kind of world is this?)

Back to the Olga panties! All Olga panties feature the famous Olga back seam, which prevents panty bunching and lets everyone who sees your panties know that you are a man with style and taste.

Don't go looking for newfangled things like 'styles' or 'colors' when you go looking for Olga panties though. Olga has recently eschewed such frivolous modern ideas to produce a range of three panties known as the 'Secret Hug' collection. Once again, kind of an unfortunate name, but some sweet panties from a sensation perspective.

They're pretty low cost at around eight bucks a pair, and you can choose from either a half pant (pictured right,) a full brief (pictured right under the first picture,) or if you're an utterly wanton sinful type, a French cut brief. Don't be fooled by the fact that these panties look like they were designed by NASA to ergononomically fit anyone over the age of 65. They may look like Granny panties, but I can assure you that the fit and feel is amazing, no matter what gender you are.

You can obtain these panties in the following colors. White, 'Pale Blush', 'Ivory' and Black. I'm pretty sure this translates to White, White, Pinky White or Black, but far be it from me to question the Olga gods.

Hm. What else? Did I mention the lace? Olga panties are famous for their soft lace trim which is usually at least an inch thick around the wastband and teases around the legs as well.

It's almost as if these panties were designed purely for men who love lingerie. The cuts compliment the male figure in terms of coverage, the lace is not skimped upon, but also not allowed to intrude on the silky smooth nylon, and the infintesimal color range means that you won't be up all night trying to decide what color to buy.

Nice one Olga, nice one.

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iloveps 7 years ago

so just wondering if you boyfriend knows about your favorite hub topic? no particular reason it just poped into my head when reading about his contagious man flu.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

He certainly does know about it, he doesn't happen to be into it personally, but I don't hold that against him ;)

scantilyclad 7 years ago

Maybe it is time he converted Hope!! Panties are soooooooo much more comfortable, have to agree with you on the olga panties, Elita and Warners are also very nice

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

LOL, I have a policy of not converting those without the interest in the first place. It rather goes against the philosophy of 'everyone should be able to wear whatever they want' if you start making people wear things, even if those things are panties.

spin 7 years ago

Don't leave Valmont out of that list please, Hope. Im going to have to get a pair of these. And I think its great that your boyfriend is open minded and lets you write about the things you want.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Heh, my boyfriend has very little say in what I write about. That was something of a mysoginistic comment there, Mr Spin, or am I reading too much into it? ;)

spin 7 years ago

Lol, I think you ment misogynistic, and no. I have no hate for women at all, I was trying to elude to the point that there are a lot of men who try to control what women do, especially online. There are also a lot of women who do the same, but a little more stalkerifically (see I can make up words too :) feel free to use it. ) But yeah, anyway, im not a hater of either sex. I like women more than I like most men, and just in case you're curious, im quite happy being a man, who just happens to have a few textile quirks if ya know what I mean :)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

How dare you correct my spelling. To the brig with thee! ;)

Nanciboy 7 years ago

I have and enjoy Bali Hikinis which have a wide lace waistband like your first picture. They also have the center back seam and come in a limited number of colors - I have black and white. Maidenform also has the center back seam. I have in the back of my mind that all three are part of the same company (?).

GetRhythm profile image

GetRhythm 7 years ago

I love these panties. They fit and feel great and I love the waistband on them.

Jerry 7 years ago

Hope is right again! After reading this article, I bought my first pair of Olga panties and love them.

Thanks Hope!

Wren 7 years ago

I own a couple of pair of these and they are wonderful!

pantyguy 7 years ago

Hello Hope,

Love your hubs!!!

I like almost all panties,(prefer nylon) Bali hikinis are great,along with Olga styles. At times I wear thongs,other times control panties,hi-cut,or full undies.

pantyboy331 7 years ago

I haven't tried the Olga panties yet, but after reading the comments, I can't wait to try on a pair.

I just got several pairs of Vanity Fair Private Collection satin & lace briefs. Wow! Best panties I've ever owned - very smooth and silky with plenty of delicate lace in front. They're high-cut, vintage style, which I'm really starting to like. They're only sold at Macy's for a limited time, though, and they only come in Ivory, Black, Sundried Mauve and Silver.

The matching full-coverage unlined lace bra is also the most comfortable bra I've ever worn, too - I almost forgot I was wearing it! I couldn't resist buying the whole lacy set - camisole, 1/2 slip, bra and several panties. Wonderful!

HangGlider 7 years ago

Hope - here's your chance to counter-correct Mr. Spin: He used 'elude' when he most certainly meant 'allude'. Don't tell anyone I brought it to your attention - I don't want to start a grammar war. ;-)


tactilicious 7 years ago

Darn! HangGlider beat me to the punch! This allusion to elusion must end, and soon. The really odd thing is that I have seen a number of people on the interwebs castigate others for spelling, etc., and then go on to use "elude" for "allude".

Maybe I can goad Hope into writing a hub on the excessive and pernicious use of apostrophes on the web. All words that end in "s" do not automatically get an apostrophe.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Haha, I mention that in my latest hub, tactilicious ;)

Lady Undies 6 years ago

I don't know if it is the best panties for men, but it is definitely one of the best. I love it's body-hugging fit and It's silky smooth feel. It is an amazing panty.

I totally agree with you Hope that maybe this panty was made for panty-wearing men.

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