The Black Diamond Ring Is Now Fashionable

The black diamond ring has recently come of age in jewelry fashion. What was previously a micro niche in the diamond jewelry world is now being heavily supported by most major designers. For instance Phillipe Charriol has had a black and white diamond collection in its line for quite some time. There are also many other designers with stackable rings, black diamond pendants, and black diamond earrings. Most of these designers use only the finest black diamonds that are superbly cut, non of that heavy bottom to mess up the finely crafted mountings.

Black diamond rings occupy a special section in the black diamond jewelry world. Rings are by far the most versatile piece of black diamond jewelry you can get and second I would say would be a pair of black diamond studs.

Simple Six Prong Tiffany Mounting With 1 Carat Black Diamond
Simple Six Prong Tiffany Mounting With 1 Carat Black Diamond

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

A black diamond ring can come in many different themes and variations. Black diamond rings first became popular as fashion statement paired with white diamonds and other colored diamonds. Designers were first to notice the potential of black diamonds and the dynamism that they added to white diamond jewelry. Contrasts became the theme around which black diamonds would be utilized in jewelry. As this diamond market segment has matured black diamonds have become increasingly popular as center stones in engagement rings.

The traditional engagement ring went through a bit of a metamorphosis when yellow diamonds as center stones for solitaires were introduced to the general public through the high fashion on the red carpet where high profile weddings and engagements among celebrities increasingly made use of exotic colored diamonds as center stones since white diamond centers were now becoming more mundane. Ben Affleck's engagement ring presented to Jennifer Lopez with a fancy pink center became big news. The ring with a 6 carat pink center purchased for 1.2 million in 2002 is probably worth a lot more these days. Even if I could afford such a ring I wouldn't buy it because I wouldn't be able to stomach the fact that I'd be paying some state near $100,000.00 in sales tax. On the other end of the exotic diamond sits the black diamond, dark, mysterious, beautiful and romantic in a dark sort of way. A center black diamond however has remained at the other end of the price spectrum. Compared to D color VVS2 white diamonds they are decidedly cheap.

Black Diamond Ring Prices

For instance a loose 2 carat round black diamond of reasonable quality runs approximately $600 on some reputable online shopping web sites. No, that's not $600 a carat its for the whole 2 carat diamond. So you can see why a black diamond wedding ring is very popular among the price conscious. She's still getting a diamond engagement ring and it might even have white diamond side stones on it but the price will be way South of the $20,000 and up price points for fine white diamond centers in a two carat size.

You also have to be realistic when you get her a black diamond engagement ring. She may be sorely disappointed if she is not into them so it's always good to check with her that she is really into a black diamond center stone. She may like black diamonds in her engagement rings but maybe only as side stones or as stones in a black diamond wedding band like the one pictured below

Black Diamond Band
Black Diamond Band

Putting Together a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

To be totally realistic if you intend to have a black diamond as the center stone in the engagement ring then it makes sense to take into account the fact that the biggest part of your engagement ring budget has been chopped into a tenth of what it would be had you purchased a high quality white diamond of equivalent size. That being said there are certain things that you then would not do with your black diamond.

For instance you would not take a $500 1 1/2  carat black diamond and set it in a $8000 platinum Tacori engagement ring mounting. Black diamond ring settings like this just wouldn't make sense. On the other hand you could set it in a similar looking palladium mounting costing $1000 with some white pave diamonds in the setting and it would look totally smashing while still being easy on the wallet. You could also go simple and do a solitaire black diamond ring  in a six prong Tiffany mounting with tapered shank.

Mens Black Diamond Rings

There are also deals to be had in your jeweler's estate jewelry section where if you cannot find an antique black diamond ring then you can get some of the white gold or platinum mountings that have a cheap colored stone in the center and just pop out the colored stone, redo the prongs and then set your black diamond in that. The result will be your own vintage black diamond ring. For the guys a black diamond mens ring will be the perfect accompaniment to her black diamond gold ring. It could be just a simple titanium band with a row of black diamonds going around the center in a channel or a simple pave black diamond ring in any white metal. He can also get a silver black diamond ring or a black diamond ring band from designers like David Yurman or John Hardy. These have exclusive design elements not found in other rings.

Fashion Black Diamond Ring

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