The Cost of Looking Like Cheryl Cole

Where do Real Hair Extensions Come From?


Cheryl Cole, if their blurb is true (and it stands to reason that it is), goes to a top London Salon to have her hair styled with a multitude of single strand hair extensions.  The cost – this is our estimate based on research but not a price quoted by the salon – for the hair extension alone is in excess of £600.  Well worth it if you can afford it but is there a cheaper alternative?

Our research shows that some company’s offer single hair extensions (made from real human hair like Cheryl’s) the same or similar to Ms Cole's with a massive discount of up to 70% off.  That would bring the material costs down to £180 from £600.  A credit-crunch saving of £420!  But should you buy them?  Should you buy any?

This question would be far easier to answer if we knew where the real human hair – some times more than 24 inches long – comes from.  Are there towns, peppered throughout the world where, once upon a time, all the women (young and old) sported long flowing locks?  Are these towns now full of women (young and old) with short cuts?  If there are, how much did they receive, when they sold their lifetime’s growth of virgin (untreated) hair to the hair seller?  We hope it was more than £600.

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