The Emerald Engagement Ring

An emerald engagement ring is a thing of beauty to behold.

Although most brides to be would never consider any gemstone but a diamond as the center of pride in their engagement ring there are many that use their birthstones or other gems of color as their solitaire ring center stone.

A classic style for emerald engagement rings is with the octagon or emerald cut center stone with diamond running down the shoulders.

Another favorite shape in emerald is the oval. This shape runs a bit less than the classic emerald cut because weight can usually be saved from the rough by allowing for a slight belly bulge in the pavilion area which results in more weight being added to the emerald without taking away too much in terms of optical characteristics.

This kind of weight saving is not so easily accomplished in a step cut like the emerald cut.

A belly bulge in the pavilion area of a step cut becomes obvious even to the layman and can detract substantially from brilliance which depends on a nice geometric alignment of the large oblong facets that send big flashes of light through the table of the emerald.

The Best Color To Look For In An Emerald

The best color for emerald which is part of the beryl family of minerals that includes such gemstones as aquamarine, heliodor and morganite is a slightly bluish green with a medium tone.

This is basically the hue that you normally see in the green light at stop lights. Most commercial emeralds used to be recognized by their hue which tended towards the yellow side of green rather then the blue side.

However when Zambian emeralds came on stream in the mid 1990s this was no longer the case. The Zambian mines produced wonderfully clean emerald rough with bluish green hues that rivaled far more expensive Colombian rough.

This made it possible to find emerald jewelry of very good quality at decent prices.

Emerald cut engagement rings with an 8mm by 4mm center emerald of startlingly good quality in Zambian material could be found at retail for under $2000 whereas Colombian material in a similar quality would run at $2000 per for the emerald alone.

Colombian Emeralds VS Zambian Emeralds

This made emerald diamond engagement rings much more appealing since center stone quality is a must for most women when it comes to their symbolically significant rings rings regardless of the center stone being used.

Up to this point clean emeralds in good color from Colombia suitable for a cut emerald engagement ring were running as high as $8000 per carat in the highest qualities.

This is somewhat an inaccessible price point for most women contemplating this quality although it must be said that despite the abundance of great emerald rough out of Zambia, this rough still had that grayish tinge to the hue that separated it from the Colombian specimens.

So the finest color was still only available from Colombian mines, however its reasonably good color and superior clarity in emeralds put Zambia on the map when jewelers looked in earnest for affordable emeralds for their customers.

Length To Width Ratios in Emerald Cut Gemstones

The emerald cut is a favorite of many jewelry lovers not only for rings but for pendants and earrings as well.

Length to width ratios determine the overall look of emerald cut stones. This is the reason why emerald cut diamond engagement rings are so popular.

Emerald cut diamonds have been hugely popular partly because of the large reflections of light from the pavilion oblong facets and the special elegance that the shape conveys in any piece of jewelry.

In the emerald engagement ring it is the most popular cut and the most favored length to width ratio is 2:1 with medium corners that are wide enough for prongs to get a decent hold of while at the same time not being too wide as to distort the oblong shape appeal.

Classic Mounting Styles For Emerald Engagement Rings

As far as mounting styles go for an emerald diamond engagement ring they run the gamut.

All styles are popular including the antique emerald engagement ring styles with lots of filigree, millgrain and engraving work.

This style of emerald cut engagement ring is hugely popular with women looking for anniversary rings with an emerald center stone.

They typically want something that is symbolic of their enduring marriage and antique style mounting whether with Art Deco, Edwardian or Victorian influences typically remain forever classic and timeless in their appeal.

Best Metal Color For Your Emerald Engagement Ring

Whether antique, vintage or contemporary styles are used, the choice of metal color for emerald engagement rings is usually a white metal like white gold, platinum or palladium.

The neutral background of a white metal brings out the proper of hue of green in an emerald especially in the case of emeralds with a slight blue tinge which is generally accepted as the color to aspire to in an emerald.

This is the color frequently seen in jewelry using lab grown emeralds.

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