The Importance of Male Grooming - Dick Pringle Funds Campaign!

The Complete and Utter Importance of Male Grooming

WILMA PROOPS, Agony Aunt to the Stars, takes it upon herself to tell men about the importance of male grooming, back and crack and other procedures.

DICK PRINGLE - chef and millionaire funds The Importance of Male Grooming. ALL men (slobs only) can apply to join the scheme and be transformed with male grooming procedures, products and a make-over. There is no cost involved and the courses take place on board Dick's ship the Hello Ducky. Details of gow to apply are to be found below this article.

Wilma Proops' Writes:

I have met the issue of male grooming head on – someone had to – and my awareness campaign, funded by Dick Pringle – the millionaire, new chef on the celebrity block – has reached many men who would otherwise be unaware of the importance of male grooming. The campaign cost £1million GBP but, as Dick remarked at the campaign debrief

  • “If only one man has become a groomer – it’ll be money well spent” (Dick Pringle)

So, if you are an ungroomed male, why should you start grooming? The answer is simple – grooming will increase your attractiveness mark ten-fold. Typically a man who doesn’t groom scores a mark of 20-25. The same man groomed scores 200-250. What more proof is needed of the importance of male grooming?

Being well groomed requires:

Being clean, taking showers daily, ensuring one’s teeth are brushed, flossed and our breath is fresh. Hair should be washed and conditioned and trimmed every other week. Manicures and pedicures should be had weekly. Eyebrows should not be too bushy (consult with a stylist about the best way for you to wear them). In the case of overly hairy men, a “back and crack” wax every month is definitely called for.


Please Note: Due to the overwhelming demand ny male slobs throughout the world, Dick's Scheme is currently suspended indefinitely.

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