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I have had my Instyler for about six month's now and I really have to say it is a very unique hair tool. I use it at least twice a week and it works great. It only takes a minute to heat up and it is very easy to use. I wear a lot of weaves so it is also great for styling my many different hairstyles. The brush and curl technique was a genious idea and it only takes eight minutes to do a whole hairstyle if you know what you're doing.

I have since thrown away my regular flat irons and replaced them with the Instyler of course. The rotating heated polishing cylinder is a very unique secret to the perfection of this top of the line styling tool. It straighten's hair very well and makes you look like a diva. It gives this extra sheen too your hair even if it is dull or frizzy. It is truly amazing and the body that it gives your hair is not bad either. I have seen my hair transform after using the Instyler with very positive results. It also can be used to give limp hair fullness and lift.

I strongly recommend the Instyler because it can change the nature and texture of your hair and give you the confidence that every woman should have. No need to be ashamed of your thinning and frizzy hair any longer. Their is finally a solution.

The Instyler
The Instyler

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Kelly 7 years ago

Great Hub, and thanks for all the links to the amazon pages. 7 years ago

This thing is a piece of crap. Don't waste your money!!!It does not work on your hair and it breaks altogether after about 10 minutes....kaput!!!!

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC Author

GJWeldon I guess that is your own personal experience but I love my Instyler and I have had great results.

Anna 4 years ago

used it. Dont buy its a waste of money. If they can offer u a buy one get one free offer and then when u call to return it, then they say oh u can have the both for half price?? doesnt that say something. They r flogging off a product that just looks great but does not deliver on promise. My hair hates it. :)))

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