The Loveliness of the Natori Zen Floral Cami Bra

I know this is supposed to be the 'panty pick', but you know me, I like to break rules. Oh the heady rush! Anyway, if you're not pleased to learn about the Natori Zen Floral Cami Bra, then I suggest you check to see that you still have a pulse. Because, you know, you might be dead, if you're not excited by these light and lacy charms.

Natori is fast gathering reputation for fine lingerie and silk printed and painted gowns. Seriously, if you have yet to discover the fine lingerie and silk goodness that is the Natori brand, you are in for such a treat.

But to return our attention to the Zen Floral Cami Bra for just a moment, let us note how gorgeous it is. How it provides all the fun and support of a bra, but how it also has the relaxed, thick bands of lace that one associated with a camisole. If you wear this brassiere under a shirt or blouse, you can leave the top button or two unbuttoned and show your lace to the world, which the world will love, because who wouldn't love that fine lace. Whether you're male or female, the Natori Cami underwire bra has something for you.

You can purchase this piece in the white color pictured, in black, or in what Natori are calling 'Cafe', and which you and I know both know is beige. I've been saying for years that beige is a terrible, sinful color for lingerie, and although they keep producing the stuff, lingerie designers must agree, because they spend a great deal of time calling beige anything other than beige. I'm waiting for the day when I read a truly inspired description, like 'Baby Hedgehog Musk', or perhaps 'Parisian Mud'. Anyway, Natori have decided to Imply that it is somewhat colored like coffee, which, as we all know, is beige. BEIGE!

Regardless of their pandering to drab tastes (and yes, I know that for some women it's handy having beige underwear because it means that you can wear sheer blouses without bra lines, but if you do what I do and just wear jeans and a Grover t-shirt, you can wear pretty lingerie all the time. All the time!) Natori makes lovely, fine lingerie.

It's not cheap at $52, but then again quality so very rarely is cheap. If you purchase one of these brassieres and take proper care of it (hand wash or lingerie bag), it is very possible that the Natori Zen will become a heirloom piece in your lingerie collection.

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ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

The brasserie looks really gorgeuous! I already ordered something different though: pretty silk panties, which are very expensive.

So I need to pass on this one :/

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

No need to buy everything one sees ;)

Beaker 6 years ago

That's a neat design.

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

Yeah, but it's hard to resist sometimes!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

I do know what you mean. Perhaps create a wish list, and when budget allows, purchase the panties at the top of the list?

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

Good thinking! I'll do that :D

Ashley Hallahan 6 years ago

I purchased this bra in a beautiful IVORY color on It is a better choice to the Cafe color as described above. I also have one in Black which i wear & enjoy frequently.

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