The Many Types Of Star Tattoos

A star tattoo is a great form of self expression, and the type of design selected should reflect that personality. When people imagine a star, they usually think of a typical five-point star, but there are numerous distinct designs to select from. A gifted tattoo artist will even have the ability to create a tattoo from drawings or descriptions from an extremely unique design.

The secret to selecting a tattoo is deciding if the design is meant for you. While people often select designs based on modern preferences and trends, they might end up regretting those selections many years later as their lives change. Star tattoos, anyhow, are abstract enough to merge with any change of conditions in the person's life.

Many star tattoos are made up of a singular celestial body, with more distinctive designs like a cluster, swirl, or line, however, adding a twinkle to the tattoo. A multi-star tattoo usually uses many various sizes of designs; the smaller ones will tend to be less detailed and may emphasize a certain focal point. Except for maybe band tattoos, like armband or ankle bands for example, where most of the individual tats are of similar size and shape to offer continuity to the general look of the start tattoo.

The bigger the star tattoo, the more detailed the design may be. There may be shading, different colors, or highlight to give a twinkling appearance. Of course, bigger tattoos cost more and that should be taken into consideration if you are on a budget. Also, if it is a first tattoo, you will want to start small to see how much you can take instead of starting with a large tat and having to leave it unfinished due to the pain.

Star tattoos can be inked in a variety of colors and can be chosen specifically to compliment the skin tone of the person getting them. Start tattoos can be created in any color of the rainbow, but black is often selected because it tends to have less fading and makes a bold statement, but colorful inks add more pizzazz and individuality to the design. Star tattoos could be black, outlined and then filled in with a variety of colors or just designed in one color. Lighter colors tend to fade quicker especially when exposed to the sun and that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the shade and position of the tattoo on the body as well.

A bunch of random star tattoos on the stomack
A bunch of random star tattoos on the stomack
The Star of David Tattoo
The Star of David Tattoo
This guy has multiple star tattoos on his arm
This guy has multiple star tattoos on his arm
Here is a colorful Star Tattoo
Here is a colorful Star Tattoo

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ufgcom profile image

ufgcom 7 years ago from Florida Author

With the Poll above, so many people don't have Star tattoos but want them. Whats holding you back from getting one of these tattoos!?

micky 6 years ago

I Love the second bottom tattoo, can someone please give a link where i may find this or a similar design

john 4 years ago

what is the name of the type of star where each point is split in half and one half is shaded?

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