The Many Uses of the Marine Corp Style Pistol Belt

This is an all around useful belt; it can be used for hunting and hiking. This is a military accessory that any good marine can make use for military and tactical purposes. For those not in the military it is still a macho belt that can be added to any sportsman's wardrobe. This belt can really add the gusto to your hiking or hunting trip as it totes your canteen, holster, or first aid kit. This belt will put special items like that that are needed quickly right at the owner's fingertips.

This is a black, new issue belt made of tough nylon. It is available in medium, large or extra large. This handy, durable tough nylon belt is so economically priced at a low reasonable rate. It is definitely a steal that should be grabbed while it is still availabe. This belt is made in the great tradition of the Marines. What could be more manly and robust than that? It will bring out the tough guy in you. It is something that Steve McQueen, Sean Connery, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Harrison Ford, and Sean Bean would wear.

What more could be asked of a Marine Corp Style Pistol Belt than durability, toughness, and practical for many uses?It is even an image builder. You'll look like the strongest man on the block when you wear your new marine belt. As a matter of fact, you can be the first guy on the block to growl like a lion when you get your Marine belt


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