The Modern and Sleek Titanium Wedding Band

The titanium wedding band has become the de facto contemporary style of wedding band that is leading the charge forward in terms of newer and edgier styling for mens and womens wedding bands.

They are not meant as a replacement for the longstanding gold or platinum wedding bands in the traditional vein but can become a nice alternate style that you can wear instead of your traditional wedding bands as a change of style.

Mens Titanium Wedding Band Popularity

Mens titanium wedding bands are more popular than titanium wedding bands for women.

Men seem to gravitate more easily towards this modern, sleek looking metal that has more connotations with aeronautics than jewelry.Check out the modern black textured wedding wedding band to the right.

Add to the fact that it is a bit harder, more durable, lightweight and comes in a staggering range of gray tones from an almost white tone like what you would find on palladium all the way up to a pure black color.

The metal itself is fairly inexpensive and availability can scale to demand because it is available in industrial quantities for manufacturers to further process into a more jewelry grade titanium in the assortment of colors and finishes that wedding band purchasers are looking for.

Titanium Has Its Limitations

Women after seeing titanium in jewelry for the first time find the finishes and color of jewelry grade titanium appealing and in direct contrast to the more ornate looking wedding bands that you typically find in the precious metals like gold and silver.

One of the reasons is that titanium’s stiffness, hardness and high melting temperature does not lend itself well to the type of lost wax casting process nor labor intensive goldsmithing and silversmithing techniques that produce the intricate styling that you see in traditional gold and silver wedding bands.

You will often see filigree work, wire work, hand engraving and pave set gem stone work done on finished gold, platinum and silver wedding bands. However titanium is a different animal altogether and you will rarely if ever see any of this type of work on a titanium wedding band.

Titanium simply does not have the malleability and ductility to accomodate this type of hands on workmanship. You can have textures on a titanium ring but usually it will be on a softer precious metal inlay like the black titanium ring above inlaid with a textured white gold inlay.

How Titanium Rings Are Made

When it comes to titanium wedding band manufacturing and styling what happens is that jewelry grade titanium is extruded into pipes with the thickness and diameter needed for most common sizes in wedding bands.

To the right you can see the titanium pipe to the left before it is cut up into various widths of titanium blank rings

Then this pipe is cut into the required width needed for wedding band styles. Men will obviously want to wear wider bands of 7mm to 10mm whereas women will typically want narrower bands from 4mm and up.

It seems like a mass production process because this part of the manufacturing is just that. The real value in titanium wedding bands for men or women is at the finishing process when different types of polishers apply matte, satin, brushed or high polish finishes.

This is also the stage where inlays of all types are applied as well as special heat and chemical processes used to change the surface color of the titanium from a typical gray hue to black or even multicolored.

Inlaid Titanium Wedding Bands

Inlaid titanium wedding bands are the most popular type of wedding band that is available in this metal. Check out the black titanium ring to the right with a sterling silver inlay.

By inlaying materials like 18k gold, sterling silver, carbon fiber, platinum, chalcedony, and other semi precious materials, you can create an infinite variety of titanium wedding bands by simply varying the inlay material with the color and finish of titanium desired that will compliment the color of the inlaid material.

So although you will not find the “hand fashioned” type of look in traditional precious metal wedding bands, you will find something just as elegant but more contemporary in inlaid titanium wedding bands.

Titanium wedding band sets have become very popular because on certain websites that retail titanium wedding bands you can special order matching his and her titanium wedding bands specifying your own special selection of one or more exotic material inlays like Bolivian Rosewood or a particular color of the quartz variety jasper.

This can be an inexpensive way of getting custom wedding bands that probably no one else will be wearing for much less than it would cost to go to a jewelry designer to design something specific in a precious metal like 14k gold.

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