The North Face Half Dome Hoodie

Hoodies, or pullover sweatshirts with an attached hood, have become extremely popular over the past decade or so. Hoodies are available in almost any color, with any logo, or in any brand imaginable. Many fashion companies make hoodies as a fashion accessory and outerwear for cooler weather.

The North Face is an apparel company that designs and manufactures outdoor sporting apparel.  The North Face has enjoyed tremendous growth in the marketplace over the last few years, and has become a hit especially among the college age demographic.  Many students have purchased North Face coats, jackets, hats, and gloves.  Perhaps the most popular piece of North Face apparel among college students is the hoodie, featuring a large half dome North Face logo.

Hoodies are popular because they are easy to wear, warm, and comfortable. The North Face half dome hoodie is certainly no exception. The hoodie is extremely soft and comfortable, as well as warm and protective against the cooler weather, as it features a hood including drawstrings.  The comfortable hoodie also features a kangaroo-like pouch so that you can keep your hands warm, as well as carry whatever small things that you may need to.

The half dome logo on the hoodie accurately explains the name. It is eyecatching, and broadcasts the brand to anyone looking. Because The North Face is such a quality and sporty brand, many are people are likely to notice it and assume that you are an outdoor sports participant or fan. The hoodie is available in many different colors including black, brown, red, green, blue, grey, and more.

Should you choose to order your half dome hoodie today, keep in mind that many people who have already bought the hoodie have found that it runs a bit small and therefore decided to order a size larger than they normally would have.  This will obviously not be true for everyone, but if you are one of those in-between sizes, opting for the large one will probably be a better choice. 

Online reviews of The North Face half dome hoodie almost all have one main theme in common - that they are comfortable.  Judging by the pictures, that sounds about right.  The hoodie looks sporty, yet relaxing.  The hoodies are made out of an 80/20 cotton to polyester fleece blend, and are most likely more comfortable on your body than they are in the pictures online.

If you are into outdoor activities, are looking for a comfortable piece of outerwear to put on for your next bonfire, or just like to collect hoodies, then The North Face half dome hoodie is definitely an option to consider.  The hoodie sells at most retailers for about $40, and according to most reviews is worth every penny.

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Kev 2 years ago

Have you encountered any fake TNF half dome hoodies?

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