The Opulence Of Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art deco engagement rings showcase some of the most popular in demand styling when it comes to vintage engagement rings.

Brides to be of all ethnicities love the look of art deco filigree work in their engagement rings.

It is a bit of a departure from the traditional flowers, vines and butterflies of the art nouveau period and is considered more eclectic and high style.

It suits the bride that is interested in a classic looking engagement ring that lends itself well to the geometric layout of accent diamonds in her ring.

Art Deco Inpired Engagement Rings

Antique art deco engagement rings define the period when opulence became in vogue and strongly contrasting colors in design was very much in.

This is why you see a lot of art deco engagement ring examples including sapphires and rubies in the geometric designs.

Sunburst geometry was also popular where you had a circle with straight line rays emanating from the center as can be seen in this art deco ruby engagement ring set to the right.

So round old European cuts circled with channel set baguettes of sapphires or rubies was a popular style of ring. and likewise were the wedding bands that accommodated the low lying setting by shadowing the curve of the diamond setting.

The Round Motif in Art Deco Engagement Rings

Because Art deco diamond engagement rings were so heavily entrenched in geometries, it is no surprise that the round shape can be found in many art deco ring designs.

Engagement ring design has a lot to do with balance and harmony and the proper melding of geometric shapes is the hallmark or art deco inspired engagement ring design.

many styles of center stone settings that we take for granted today have their origins in the art deco period such as this split shank engagement ring with a center round diamond surrounded by a channel of smaller round diamonds.

It is a perfect example of the basic theme of geometry and balance in an art deco ring of any type. The tendency towards opulence can be seen in the detail on the shoulder of the ring where four small round diamonds are mounted in the curliques on the ring shoulders

Art Deco Styling and Showmanship

Art deco engagement rings proudly displayed their geometries in rather unconventional ways hence the term eclectic used to describe the nature of art deco design.

A fairly common art deco design theme used is one of circles or semi circles to frame the center stone setting as can be seen in this ring to the right.

Normally you will not see this type of styling in modern engagement rings except for the half moon diamonds which are also semi circular laid out as side stones but framing the center diamond in the more conventional way of following the center setting contour.

In this example the shoulder channel settings circle away from the center setting in a concave manner calling attention to itself and highlighting the geometry of the ring.

Art Deco Filigree Engagement Rings,

Filigree work was central to many art deco style engagement rings because the open space highlighted the geometric patterns. .

It also emphasized the diamond settings as can be seen in this ring to the right where as you can the ring shoulders are riddled with open space cut outs.

Also note that the center diamond is set up high to give it some measure of prominence over all the detailed work in the ring. This is a typical example of an antique art deco engagement ring.

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