The Perfect Pretty Panties For Men

A UK panty specialist catering to men who wear women's panties, Rosalind Woods offers pretty panties of all shapes and sizes. The panties I'll be looking at today all boast a deep sided cut which is perfect for men who wear lingerie. Once upon a time, most all panties featured this design, however nowadays, a lower cut has become more fashionable. Minimalism has become a watchword in lingerie, and unfortunately that often leaves men left behind, hanging out or otherwise just not fitting in.

Fortunately there are manufacturers out there who understand the unique needs of the male body. You can find all the panties in this article at The prices are a little above the market average, but that's what happens when your clothing isn't stitched together in an Eastern sweatshop. Thus, by purchasing panties like these (from any independent retailer of men's panties,) you're not only getting a pair of lovely panties, you're also doing a bit of good in the world.

Velvet Panties

Is there anything more luxurious than velvet? Sure, silk is nice, and satin feels good, but they've almost become cliches in the lingerie world. Velvet is something different, something you don't find every day, and these velvet panties aren't only gorgeous to look at, their design means that they will feel amazing on the male body. Observe the deep sided, high waisted design. Observe too, the lovely thick lace waistband, and the chunky bands about the legs. This is a pair of panties you could spend a life time looking for and never find, but fortunately you've stumbled across them here, which is most fortuitous.

Stretch Lace Panties

These panties are made with a lovely stretch lace trim which expands and contracts to fit the wearer perfectly in all the right places. Not only is the lace stretchy, it is also nice and thick, somewhat reminiscent of Olga panties. The panties themselves are made from Lycra, guaranteeing a soft and comfortable fit.

Sheer Panties

Sheer material is sweet, and these panties allow you to choose where you want to experience that sheer sensation. Front or back, just let the wonder workers at Rosalind Woods know what you preference is and receive the panties of your dreams.

Nylon Lace Panties

These nylon lace panties are so cute, and just perfect for the man who likes a little innovation when it comes to his lace. Twin strips of lace run down the front of these silky smooth nylon panties, creating an interesting visual effect and providing additional sensation for the wearer.

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Comments 11 comments

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Najee 7 years ago

Are they all briefs?

profile image

long time reader 7 years ago

woohoo! those look comfy.. :D

profile image

Gunnau 7 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

I'll take a pair of each please Hope.

profile image

starfiend 7 years ago

Ugly! You couldn't pay me enough to wear those. Sorry Hope, but for once I think you're way off beam.


Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Hi Starfiend, note the comments above you. Also note that other people's tastes may differ from yours. So, if you don't like a particular set of panties, I'm not 'off beam', I'm 'not agreeing with your tastes at this particular time'.

It never ceases to amaze me how people, even when they themselves sit on the fringes of fashion, still won't hesitate to pass judgment on things other people like as if they were the knowers of ultimate truth.

GetRhythm profile image

GetRhythm 7 years ago

I think those panties are awesome. Im gonna look into getting some.

kfsteve391 7 years ago

Many of us have different tastes when it comes to panties. I wear mostly very small thongs. I have found that many briefs are too narrow in the crotch area and I end up hanging out. You have to experiment and see what works for you.

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus

Sorry to say it, but these panties are awful! I don't like them at all.

monica8484 7 years ago

I, for one, like them very much although the blue ones are borderline for me.

girdleman 7 years ago

I love Panty Briefs and girdles, are perfects for men.

profile image

joanjo 7 years ago from Herts. U.K.

These panties/knickers look just superb and also must surely be quite comfortable for all day wearing. Haven't yet tried Rosalind Woods but........

I have just bought some sheer nylon hi-cut briefs from Satin Rose and they are very good, an excellent fit and quite sexy.

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