The Point of Tattoos

The 2" horse!

One horse who wont be dog food!

Set for life!
Set for life!

The Point of Tattoos

A Tattoo is an avenue that is appealing to many and a means to make their statement of conviction or passion. I have seen tattoos on heads, shoulders, legs, arms, stomachs, ankles, you get the picture. Most veterans don them as proof of tour in service, these I am good with.

Tattoos were considered permanent and for most people this is true. However it was just a matter of time before we were bombarded with advertisements for tattoo laser removal and of course the miracle creams that bleach the tattoo away.

It surprises me, I guess because of there youth; young people don’t care what other others think about their body art or the locations. I know in my work arena, tattoos are frowned upon when in abundance insinuating discontent with society. Young people will have to hold down jobs of responsibility and unfortunately, arm, necks and legs covered with symbolism is a deterrent for a prospective employer.

Our family is not without the artistic influence. At this point I will share my story. My daughter had talked about getting a tattoo for years. But she knew I would not consent so she waited. She had shown me a picture of a beautiful horse head with a flowing mane measuring about 2” round. I still expressed my desires of her not going through with it. You guessed it, true to her word the day after her 18th birthday, down to the Tattoo Parlor she went to make her statement. I clung to a smidgen of hope that once she saw the process it would change her mind. No chance she endured over an hour of pricking pain.

That evening she shared in detail the process of applying tattoos. She could not wait to show me. Before I could say a word; she turned lifted her shirt in the back and lowered her waist band slightly which revealed to me a tattoo of a horse head the size of TEXAS!

I was speechless; the shock was plastered all over my face. The 2” image I dreaded to see had blossomed into at least a 6”x 8” horse!

Her attempt to ease my mind and defend her decision was the assurance she could have it removed by laser for about $2000.00. Obviously the first question you ask is, why you would get an estimate for removal at the same time you’re paying to suffer through the application?

We kid her; that the beautiful horse image on her back hip will some day droop to an old hag! I have tried to look at the positive in this situation, and as my daughter stated to me; she likes it and no one can take it from her. My point of view is the horse will increase in value (at least for removal) as the years go by, there are no vet bills, no additional boarding expense and I will still be only feeding one!.

The backward irony of the situation is the horse will be forever riding on her back!

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Timely profile image

Timely 7 years ago from United States Author

If you get a duplicate, the first one is in space somewhere! Glad you enjoyed our situation. Teenagers, got to love them!

jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

Very Funny. Welcome to Hubpages. :)

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