The Scandal of Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One

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I can't wait for Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One to hit the stores so I can offer you a review. But in the mean time, this perfume has sparked some interest do to a shift in its marketing campaign. So, while we wait for this perfume to hit the beauty counters, I'd like to offer a story behind this scandalous switch. So gather 'round, my beauties.

Once upon a time, Giselle was top dog. Her images alone could fill up the glossy pages of an entire magazine. It seemed the fashion world could never get enough of her golden hair, her bronzed sporty face and her equally bronzed sporty limbs. When Dolce & Gabbana first launched The One, a modern sensual perfume for a modern sensual woman, they chose Giselle as their muse. They said that Giselle's glamorous persona embodied the essence of the perfume. They said that Giselle's poise and good looks were a perfect representation of the perfume. And they said that all of Giselle's glamour and glitz was obtainable with a spritz or two of The One. For three years now, women have been loving The One, and they have been aspiring to emulate that piece of Giselle-esque sexy glamour. But suddenly that champagne-colored dream is over.

Dolce & Gabbana The One
Dolce & Gabbana The One
Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One
Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One

To revive this classy perfume, Dolce & Gabbana is releasing a second flanker to The One. This one is called Rose The One. The juice—colored with the delicate vibrancy 14 ct gold or sparkling champagne—is no more. The image of the bronzed, long-limbed Giselle is no more. Suddenly, it seems, Dolce & Gabbana has taken a 180 degree turn on the overall image of The One. Rose The One sports the color of pink lemonade and a face that belongs to Scarlett Johansson. Gone are the days of sporty, golden simplicity. And now reigns a period of girly kitten-glamour and curves.

With Giselle dropped and long gone, Scarlett poses for this new perfume in frothy pink outfits and frou-frou curls dyed strawberry blonde. While The One's campaign was about confidence and glamour, Rose The One's campaign is all about coyness and allure. What does this drastic turn in image mean for the juice?

Dolce & Gabbana The One is a soft, warm floral perfume. The notes create a vanillic soothing quality. Some say it smolders, others say it sparkles. But whatever the verb, this perfume is undeniably sexy. On the other hand, Rose The One, which will be launched this September, is meant to capture the quiet moments of a woman, says the Dolce & Gabbana team. This perfume is centered around sweet notes like blackcurrant, lychee, rose, musk and vanilla. Perhaps this version will smell a bit sweeter and fruitier. Or it's also quite possible that this version won't deviate much from the original juice. Guess, the jury is out until Rose The One is released this September.

But for now, we can lament the passing of an era. Though Scarlett looks great in the campaign and Rose The One might very well smell lovely, it's sad to think the Giselle-days for The One are over. Just when we were getting used to aspiring to the athletic, active Amazon look, we now have languid femininity to look up to.


You can still grab the original Dolce & Gabbana The One and L'Eau The One from discount perfume retailers online.

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Your Thoughts on Rose The One 14 comments

june688 profile image

june688 7 years ago


perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

June688: If you're talking about the campaign, I totally agree. It's great. It's just not Giselle. :( But I'm really excited about the new perfume too. Could be 'nice' as well! ;)

4ever Mo profile image

4ever Mo 7 years ago

Interesting read especially about the campaign switch. I think scarlett captures the spirit of rose the one from what i've read here.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

4ever mo: thanks for stopping by!

apples1 7 years ago

I tried Rose the one in luton airport recently and was really amazed. More or less the same but with slightly different edge. Not sure about scarlett johansson but this would not stop me from buying this fab perfume. The original will always be my fave though.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Apples1: Thanks for your review of the Rose. Glad to hear it's a lovely perfume. Can't wait to try it myself!

kileymb7 7 years ago

I was in the Macy's this weekend and smelled rose the one and just loved the smell i will buy myself a bottle

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Kilymb7: Awesome to hear. Just caught it too. It's pretty yummy! Thanks for stopping by!

mandy 7 years ago

Smelt it, loved it, want it.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Mandy, same here!

krista 7 years ago

got it from my boyfriend yesterday, like it truly, deeply!

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Krista, so great that you love it!

valerie  6 years ago

this perfume is truly awesome.MUST buy myself a bottle. LOVE it.

Rosamar  6 years ago

I love Rose the One is such a sexy makes you feel like a women

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