The Sheer Dress Shocks

Have we really come to this? Actress Jaimie Alexander wears a see through dress that makes wearing underwear impossible during a premiere showing of the movie, "Thor: The Dark Night" in order to get people's attention.

Now I'm sure many men appreciated her effort. Ms. Alexander, after all, is young, pretty, and fit so she is able to wear the gown to her best advantage. She looks great. But why did she feel the need to wear practically nothing in order to get noticed? Not to mention that if she were to start walking, she's basically revealing everything. Now there is no censure here, Ms. Alexander can wear what she likes. It is her body, her career, and she should do what she thinks is in her best interest. But I question what cultural forces made her think that donning on a nothing of a gown would garner her the best kind of attention.

Jaimie Alexander in sheer Azzaro gown...
Jaimie Alexander in sheer Azzaro gown...
left nothing to the imagination
left nothing to the imagination

And she is not alone. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow also wore a sheer outfit for her Iron Man 3 premiere, albeit a little more coverage. Frankly, I didin't think it looked too flattering on her. I thought she would have better fashion sense. She normally goes for a glamorous effect. In addition, she is a wonderful actress (she has already won an academy award) and she comes off as a sensible type of person. What made her make this fashion choice?

Women in Hollywood want to be taken seriously in their endeavors and it is disappointing that they come up with outfits like this, which do not support those loftier goals. Now I know that these actresses are in action movies and the roles for women are pretty lightweight and not very challenging. But I thought that we had moved beyond seeing women as sex symbols. I was surprised that women were actually reduced to being, just sexual bodies. It is disappointing that women in the spotlight choose to support this zeitgeist. It is so frivolous.

One can argue that this is all about public relations and their job is to promote the picture. But why are women using their bodies to promote a picture in which their roles are basically decorative? Have we as a society become that cynical, jaded, and trivialized women to the point that we have to show off our naked bodies to for a movie to get any attention? Isn't our accomplishment enough anymore?

But Gwyneth Paltrow did it first at her Ironman 3 premiere wearing at Antonio Berardi gown.
But Gwyneth Paltrow did it first at her Ironman 3 premiere wearing at Antonio Berardi gown.

I think Lady Gaga and her videos had a lot to do with it. Her videos were shocking because she wore practically nothing and broke all sorts of societal rules. From what I understand, she had a lot of creative input in her videos. She seems to be an exhibitionist in addition to being a fabulous singer. No doubt it helps not to have any inhibitions if you consider yourself an artist. But we no longer have any cultural boundaries between art and real life. We see Lady Gaga prancing around in micro-bikini underpants and women rush to get that type of underwear without considering whether it is practical and functional. Remember when she wore the meat dress? She was saying that women were considered like meat. An object that is graded. Aren't Alexander and Paltrow kind of making her point?

Miley Cyrus twerking on stage during her performance at Video Music Awards
Miley Cyrus twerking on stage during her performance at Video Music Awards

Now these are mature women by Hollywood standards, they are 30 but under 40. We see this trivialization more and more with girls in their pre-teens through early 20s. Look at Miley Cyrus and her twerking act during the Video Music Awards. She wears this yellow plastic bikini outfit and butt-humps singer Robin Thicke during their peformance onstage. I just thought it was really gross. I didn't even see the performance but saw pictures of it everywhere. They were hard to escape. Cyrus claims that it was her decision and she was expressing her artistry and was doing it to get attention and promote her new album. Why does she feel that dancing lewdly (I can only describe it that way) will sell her records? She seems to feel any attention is good. I've heard her songs. She really doesn't need to go into vulgar acts in order to get her songs played. They are good. No doubt being successful in the music industry is difficult and competitive but vulgarity should not be the answer or the standard. But each year the trashiness seems more mainstream. Kids at younger ages dress up like hoods and whores. It used to be that hip hop and rap videos used women for sexual decoration and degradation in their videos and music. It was rare for any song in those genres to see women as anything other than sexual objects. Now it's hard to escape the message.

That Cyrus was getting a lot of push back from people is encouraging because it shows that men and women object to that kind of degradation. We didn't censure her by banning her album, what we did do is publicly say that her behavior is not acceptable. It's high time that we establish societal boundaries again.

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pratoocool profile image

pratoocool 2 years ago

Really great dresses to look. I wonder why these ladies show off bit extra. May be just to get extra attention when they do not hope for it.

my_girl_sara profile image

my_girl_sara 2 years ago from Georgia

You'd better be careful how you sit ladies! Just because it's covered while you stand, doesn't mean it'll stay covered. So sad what women feel they need to do to get attention. I'm no feminist but where is the outcry? When will women demand to been seen for more than their sexuality?

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