The Top 15 Awesome Family Tattoo Ideas

Whenever you get a tattoo, the assumption is that it will stay on your skin forever. This is why when getting inked; individuals are advised to think carefully about what they want since they will be living with the decision for the rest of their life. This idea of permanency is one of the reasons why family tattoos are popular because as most people know: family is forever. That being said, following are some family tattoo ideas you might consider getting.

Family tree on Back


Family Tree

1. Although the most obvious choice, there’s no question that a family tree tattoo offers an aesthetically pleasing twist to your family tattoo. You can customize the tree however you want.

2. Names

A simple name list of your family members is enough. You can try arranging them in different figures to add some variety.

3. Birthdays

Use birthdays of family members as a simple numerical tattoo along the arms or chest. Not only are you honoring your family but you also ensure that you won’t forget a birthday ever again!

4. Faces

With talented tattoo artists today, it shouldn’t be hard to have the faces of family members tattooed on your body. They don’t have to be big as long as they’re easily recognizable. You can even integrate it with the family tree tattoo.

5. Quote

Use a family quote such as “Family Forever” or “Family First”.

6. Cross

If you grew in a religious family, a cross is a great way to keep you reminded. You can also try having your family’s surname inked along the length of the cross for personalization.

7. Heart

Family is often considered as the heart of a person’s existence. Friends may come and go but it is the family that stays. You can try using the heart shape formed by family holding hands.

Heart shape family tree tattoo on arm


8. Stick Family

If you’re hoping for something simple, obvious and humorous – a stick family would be a good choice.

9. Foreign Characters

Use the Japanese or Chinese characters for “family”. You can also try Korean, Vietnamese or even Latin words.

10. Last Name

Inking your last name on the bank spanning the shoulder is another good way to show pride for your clan.


11. Common Interest

This is ideal for families that follow a specific tradition. For example, if everyone in your family is a fireman, having a fire truck or fire hose tattooed will not be amiss.

12. Family Crest

If you’re one of the lucky few with a family crest, don’t miss this chance to have it proudly shown on your body.

13. Tribal

Try searching for tribal tattoo designs that represent family. The Celtics, Hawaiians and other tribes usually have a specific symbol to identify a unit.


14. Animal Representations

Use animals as a symbol of your family. For example, try getting a tattoo of a family of lions or of birds. You can even attribute the individual characteristics of the animal to your family. For example, if your family values bravery then having a tattoo of a group of lions may be apt.

15. Compass

A compass usually represents journey and following the right path. Others however see it as completion or being part of a bigger whole which is the family.

Heart with bird family tree tattoo on back


You can use the internet for more ideas about family tattoos. Don’t forget that you can always design your own if you aren’t happy with the premade designs.

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