The Top Eyelash Extension Kits and everything else you wanted to know about Artificial Eyebrows

What's not to love about Artificial Eyebrows?

By no means do I consider myself the foremost expert on woman's eyebrows. I happen to be the casual observer who frequently comments on women who are well groomed. It has only recently come to my attention in how much time women actually spend on their faces to be considered presentable to the public. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to share some of my recently acquired knowledge on eyelash extension kits and other ways of manipulating one's eyebrows for longer lovable length.

How do Eyelash Extension Kits work?

I must admit I didn't know Eyelash Kits even existed prior to doing some research on this article. Whats funny to me is they work much like Hair extension or Hair Weave products. In a nutshell you can have synthetic or actual human hairs attached to your existing eyelashes. Technology has made it such that attaching these faux eyelashes do not impede the growth of your current lashes. These attachments can last over three or four months and can even withstand water, sun, and some of the other natural perils life throws at you.

The only problems occur are when the natural oils from your skin bond with the glues used in your attachment causing the connection to dissolve. Just a few years ago this process took well over six hours and could only be completed by a beauty professional. As with all things this has now changed and can be attached by novice or professionals alike. I would like to introduce you to the Eyelash Extension Kit.

Do women with Long Lashes Have more fun?

Artifical lashes have been around since.. Well I don't know, but personally I find long flowing eyelashes to be somewhat of a treat. There are certain features that accentuate women and the eye plays a major part. You show me a woman with no eyelashes or eyebrows and I will show you an unattractive woman.

Eyelash Grooming Tips

Tips for keeping those artificial eyelashes viable for as long as possible

  • Buy the right kind of lashes
  • Properly apply them
  • Use the appropriate brand of glue for eyelashes purchased
  • Discard according to product directions

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What Experience do you have with Eyelash Extension Kits? 2 comments

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eyelash extension kits 6 years ago

Most of the false eyelashes lasts no more than 4 months, and they need special care. This post might be useful if you want them to last longer. My advise is - visit your cosmetic at last 1 time every month.

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