The Truth About Black Shampoos

The Truth About Black Shampoos

Myth: Black Shampoos are like dyes and might make scalp darker.

Fact: Black shampoos will not discolor your scalp. Just like any other regular shampoo, it only works to clean the hair and leave it healthier and shinier. It’s specially formulated to blacken only the hair and will not leave any black residue on the scalp while you’re bathing and even afterwards.

Myth: Black shampoos contain chemicals that stain the hands.

Fact: Black Shampoos with melavitamin complex infuse only the hair with a richer, blacker color. As long as the shampoo is applied on wet hands, it won’t leave a stain. Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly after shampooing your hair.

Myth: Black shampoos can make the hair dry.

Fact: Black shampoos are gentle enough to use every day. It can be used for all hair types. In fact it advisable to use continuously and as often as possible to get the best results.

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