The Ubiquitous White Gold Wedding Ring

The white gold wedding ring is somewhat of a standard these days when it comes to modern bridal jewelry.

If you go through the various bridal magazines including such publications as Town and Country you will find for the most part white gold wedding ring sets and the ubiquitous white gold diamond wedding ring in all its myriad forms including the solitaire engagement ring, three stone anniversary ring and the diamond eternity band.

White Gold Vs Platinum Wedding Rings

Although retailers like to use platinum when they do an advertising pictorial in print or even online, most women end up getting a 14kt white gold wedding ring or an 18kt one.

Note how the platinum ring has more of a steely grayish cast to it while the rhodiumed white gold solitaire has a bright chrome like finish that is closer to a pure bright white.

Platinum is not that much more expensive than gold as far as the precious metal spot price goes however platinum requires much more work to transform it into a piece of jewelry.

It is harder and more dense and so it needs more polishing with a greater variety of grits to achieve a high polish finish. It is also trickier to cast and has a higher melting temperature than gold.

Also if you want to solder a platinum piece you will have to use a higher temperature flame because you don’t use solder typically when trying connect two disparate pieces of platinum, you will have to weld the two points together since platinum is a 95% pure metal and the strongest bond is achieved through welding without the use of solder.

Why White Gold Is So Popular For Wedding Bands

So white gold wedding rings constitute most of what is bought at the wedding ring counter as far as women’s wedding rings are concerned.

18k white gold wedding rings are most popular because they have a certain cache over the more common 14k white gold and they feel a bit heftier.

Women want something special for their white gold diamond wedding ring and will usually go for 18k when selecting their channel set diamond bands like the ones to the right.

Bands like these tend to not use that much metal so that the emphasis is on the diamonds.

This is all the more reason to choose 18k gold because it will be only incrementally more expensive than 14k gold and will have a bit more heft to it,

Mens white gold wedding rings on the other hand don’t dominate the market for men’s wedding rings. Many men like the more contemporary metals now available that have an edgier look and are harder then white gold so they don’t have to worry about their day to day activities ruining the finish of white gold.

For those men that like the look of white metals but feel that white gold is too pricey can opt for palladium which is a hypoallergenic, pure noble white metal like its cousin platinum.

Hollow Gold Bands For Those On A Budget

White gold diamond wedding rings are the most popular type of wedding ring second only to white gold wedding bands.

Gold bands form a big part of the wedding band market because many engaged and married couples prefer to wear gold on their fingers as opposed to any other metal when it comes to wedding bands.

Although somewhat pricier than other metals, there are lightweight white gold wedding bands available that are a bit hollow so they look sumptuous on the finger but can be a half to two thirds the weight of a fully solid gold band of that size which of course brings down the price substantially.

Normal 6-8mm gold bands with a 1mm or so thickness to the shank will be in the 7 gram to 15 gram region in terms of weight. Hollow bands of the same dimensions on the other hand will be in the region of 4 grams to 7 grams. This is substantially less gold for the same look.

Check out the hollow white gold band above right. It is made in much the same way as hollow gold earrings although because of the fine Italian finish on this one, it really looks like a solid ring on your finger unless you take it off and allow someone to feel the heft of the ring and they are sure to notice something missing.

Two Tone White Gold

White gold rings also have the option of being accented with a bit of yellow or pink gold to add some interesting highlights to the otherwise blank slate that is white gold.

Check out this two tone diamond promise ring to the right. Just a bit of pink gold in the head of the ring adds a whole new dimension to the design of this ring.

This option is usually seen more with white gold rings that are not that diamond intensive such as two tone and three tone gold band rings that combine yellow, white and pink gold in the same ring.

However, most women prefer to have leave a white gold diamond eternity band as a pure white gold piece so as not to detract from the blazing white diamonds, especially when they are high quality.

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