The World of Rashi Ratna

Vedic Astrology has assertively confirmed about the strong and distinct that different astrological planets create on different aspects of a life of a person, and how the nature and intensity of that impact can be influenced with the help of a certain gemstone or Ratna.

There are a total of nine astrological planets, and each of those nine planets has been associated with a Ratna, which is referred as their ‘birth stone’. As already stated, every planet holds some sort of influence over a person’s life. The nature and intensity of influence as created by some planet depends on its positioning at the time of the birth of a person. This positioning of different planets is also the base of determining the ‘birth planet’ of a person. It is only on the grounds of the ‘birth planet, that one should determine his ‘Rashi Ratna

The Nine Rashi Ratna

As already described, every astrological planet is associated with a Rashi Ratna. With nine astrological planets in acceptance, there are a total of nine Rashi Ratna. Also, each of these gemstones is also confirmed to be in particularly exceptionally beneficial for people belonging to certain Zodiac Signs. Here are their details.

Selecting a 'Rashi Ratna'

Wearing the right Rashi Ratna is important, as that ensures a most intense and favorable impact. It strengthens the way a planet is positioned in his horoscope and the way it is influencing his life. On the whole, it helps one improve his individuality, enhances confidence, and enables one enough to make him gain immense name, fame, and social reputation. These Ratna are comprised of divine positive energies, the influence of which can be sensed by those who choose to wear it any form. They are considered to be most intense and effective when one wears them as close to the body as possible.

However, in case where one either out of an unawareness or out of a slipshod attitude, ends up buying a Ratna which does not go in sync with his ‘birth planet’, then there are all chances in this world for him to suffer from all possible adverse impacts that an unsuitable Ratna can possibly create. Everything might go in an exactly opposite direction from the desired ways.

Wearing a Rashi Ratna

Wearing a Rashi Ratna in the right way is as important as wearing a right Rashi Ratna. One should essentially abide by all the rules as prescribed by Vedic Astrology, in order to ensure that the selected gemstone acts to its absolute abilities and generate a positive impact which is not merely favorable, but significant and intense as well. While wearing a gemstone, few things are essentially required to keep in consideration, with the metal in use, the finger of wearing, and the day of wearing being the most prominent of all. Take a look at below listed table, to know more about the same.

Astrological Planet
Rashi Ratna
English Name
Zodiac Sign(s)
Blue Sapphire
Gemini, Virgo
American Diamond
Taurus, Libra
Yellow Topaz
Sagittarius, Pisces
Red Coral
Aries, Scorpio
Cat’s Eye

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