The history of Skinny Jeans

The early stages: fifties& sixties style

Jeans became the symbol of rebellion and passionate youth worn by the sex symbols of the day. James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Elvis wore their jeans tight fit at times. Though ladiesĀ  in the 50s didn't generally wear jeans; Many very well known Hollywood female celebrities wore the 50's fashion of tight fitting trousers that had the same sexy silhouette as today's skinnies. By the 60's females' jeans were more than common (even though the zip was in the back) and they proceeded to have that tight makeover. The style could be engaging similar to the neighbourhood girl, or juicy and renegade like those greaser chics in the opera and motion-picture show of the corresponding name. Rock-and-roll was getting mainstream and fit jeans were the most seen fashion clothing.

The movement is on: The 70's Fashion

The heart of Rock 'n' Roll continues intensive in fit jeans even if associated with the fluff and charge of the Disco era moves about. When we remember of 70's fashion, we think of bellbottoms and groovy flare jeans; but prod a little futher and one'll learn the upcoming of the punk movement and the most skinny jeans in history. Very tight from the waist to the ankle, safety pins were often used to keep them tight around the body and step-up that bondage appeal. Think of The Sex Pistols and The Ramones as first examples. Even top notch designers like Vivian Westwood had store dealing this 'rebel-fashion' to the really hip customers.

The big star appeal: 1980s fashion

Flash Dance jars with Spandex to contribute a totally brand-new flavor to the jean scene. Tight jeans were emphatically in for ladies and male. Slim and stone washed, (still no stretchy stuff in jean) 1980s fashion is where narrow-mouthed leg jeans truly made their mark, and the trend existed fairly into the 90's. Call Back those oversized sweatshirts and the colourful leg warmers? The Rolling Stones and, all the principal rock 'n' roll musicians wore their jean tight (without the very colourful leg warmers lol).

The survival in music:90'sFashion

While mainstream fashion leads to the boot cut, tight jeans recapture their cool. No longer standard in 1990s fashion, slim jeans could still be detected on the music scene. The Rolling Stones and other stars were still on top, and underground Punk with its Goth cousin were recognized in tight skinny jeans (anti-fashion second time). Ever wonder why 'Rock n Roll' is so often brought up in book of facts to jeans? For mainstream US the tight jean had taken an onerous turn, growing into tapered leg trends and even the horrors of faux jean leggings (some people just have tough time marching on).

The revival occurs: the new millennium

Denim is everywhere, after years of boot cuts and flares, the skinny denim feels of a sudden newfound and fresh. Though it must be said that skinny jeans didn't just pop up overnight. It has taken a some time to reach the main-stream. In fall of 2002 high-end fashion designers were displaying skinny jeans scrunched. By the middle of this decade the trend gets highly dominant on the catwalks and all the high-performance jeans companies are aboard. You have to admit, it looks solid on those size zero models. If Heidi Klum is wearing it, it's must be groovy. Fashion Designers are still promoting the tight jeans, and the movement catches on around the globe. Hot models and celebritiessuch like Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie embrace the new fashion and appear admirable in it. The Tight Jeans is all the buzz! Shops are advertising the new spirit, and everybody from fashion designers to bloggers are publishing about this different style. The slim fit is definitely at the peak of popularity today.

Source: The definitive guide to skinny jeans; History of skinny jeans

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kathy 7 years ago

can some 1 put up pictures of the fashion trends that girls wore in the 70's

coolkitkat 6 years ago

i luv skinny jeans

it can actually make u feel grrrrreat!

Chris Crow profile image

Chris Crow 6 years ago

I'm starting to love the skinny jeans.

Ezine Article Link Here 6 years ago

You are such a plagiarist! This article was stolen from an ezine article!!!!!

blah... 5 years ago

i agree you stole!!!

Caleb182 5 years ago

Skinny Jeans are just awesome.

priscils 5 years ago

Love it

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Misti 2 years ago

You spelled plagiarists wrong.

Banter 22 months ago

This site article didn't help me at all, if anything it has given me a reason not to do work. How? By writing this pointless comment, and yes, I do know this is a very backwards comment.











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