This is how I got rid of my cystic acne

Cure Cystic Acne

I had pretty skin, without any acne, throughout my teen years.  When I was about 20, though, I began to get painful "knots" deep beneath the skin on my face, especially around the chin and jawline. 

My first trip to a dermatoligist confirmed that I had cystic acne.  "Well get rid of it,"  I told him.  I remember saying that so casually, like it was no big deal.  He said he'd have to "open up" the bumps...that I had to stay on antibiotics, forever, changing the medication every 6 months because the acne would become immune to treatment...that I had to use harsh acne meds (Retin A) on my sensitive skin. 

So, thinking that the doctor knows best, I tried the full course of recommended treatments.  My face was raw and red...I had a constant yeast infection from the antibiotics...and I still had cystic acne. 

My self-esteem plummeted.  There were days when my skin looked so awful and was so painful that I skipped class and called in "sick" at work. 

I stopped all treatments.  My skin eventually healed, but the acne was still there, of course.

So, I decided that if this could be fixed, that if it could be healed, I would have to figure out what was causing it in the first place.  For several months I kept a notebook ready to record everything I ate, and at what time. 

This was much more than a diet journal.  I also entered the exact time of day that I began to feel the formation of an acne cyst developing deep below the surface of my skin.

It didn't take long to discover that these painful cysts developed within a few hours everytime I consumed peanut butter! 

I had never really eaten a lot of peanut butter, or peanuts either, as a younger person, but when I moved out on my own and was working my way through school, peanut butter was a cheap source of protein and a cheap meal.  I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches at that time.

So, I stopped eating peanut butter.  The cystic acne just went away.

That was years and years ago.  Today, when I get cocky about the whole peanut thing, when I have somehow forgotten what I went through, I'll eat a peanut butter cup or something else with peanut butter in it or on it.  And I'll get a cyst within a few hours.  So, I stay away from peanut butter 99% of the time.  99% of the time, I'm acne free.

I'm not a doctor, I'm not trying to diagnose or cure anything. (I've read that disclaimer on other articles so I thought I should throw it in here.)  I'm just a woman who found out what seemed to cause her own cystic acne. 

I hope this helps anyone suffering from this painful skin condition. 

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Victoria 3 years ago

I started getting red sore spots on my nose at the age of 45. I was convinced that I had a mild case of Rosacea was my naturopath....well...after 5 years of feeling very self- conscious .....I can happily report that peanut butter has definitely been at least 90% of my problem.....I am now exploring alkaline foods.....and my skin has never felt better.

Jolene Cali 3 years ago

I can't disagree with much of this. I was almost half expecting some wild remedy. :) When I was younger I had very bad cystic acne. I took tetracycline, minocycline, doxicycline, I used topicals like Retin-A, Cleocin-T, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide.

I began using the Citrus Clear products on a regular, daily basis. Also I never touch my hands to my face, and the result has been acne free. NOt even an occasional pimple.

Al 4 years ago

Does anyone else's cysts last a long time? I have determined that peanut butter is the cause (as well as almond butter) but after the flair up a small knot, size of a pea, will remain for months or even a year.

John 4 years ago

With me it is just peanut butter. Peanuts are fine so I think it is in the oil, because I don't seem to get acne when I eat peanut butter cups ( the peanut butter is much drier than the PB in a jar). I wish I figured it out when I was a teen.

Jennie 5 years ago

Wow! I can't believe it. I too seem to have the same problem. I never eat much peanut butter growing up and starting eating it regularly for protein. For the first time in my life and have cystic acne all over my chin. I couldn't figure it out for weeks. Then I spoke to my sister in-law and she said she has the same problem. So glad I figured it out!!! Yeah!!!

Lauren 5 years ago

wow. i totally have the same probelm. It happens random, and i really just ate a peanut butter sandwich this week i wonder.. weird. what to do in the mean time? what makes it go away? it is like a knot under the skin, on my chin?

brandy 5 years ago

i too had this problem since i was about 16, i am now 27, a few months ago my best friend mentioned that she thought peanut butter was causing her breakouts, we both quit eating it and within a few days, the acne was gone....also the two times since that i have "forgotten" about the peanut butter ban, i have broken out in painful zits within hours. so thank you for confirming that this is really a cure...

Jamie 5 years ago

I have the exact same reaction as you, I figured it out about three months ago. I've always had fairly good skin, and suddenly I had broken out with very painful acne that I couldn't get rid of. Cutting out peanut butter cleared up my face (and shoulders) in three days.

I noticed my cousin had broken out BAD recently, so I mentioned that peanut butter was the cause for me. She told me that she has eaten 1 large container in two weeks. It's GOT to be the same thing for her.

Anyways, thought this was interesting. Maybe it's more common than doctors think?

Chers 5 years ago

Thanks! Reading your this just reminded me that I'm sensitive to peanut butter or any nuts. I've been acne free for months and even years w/ occassional breakouts but nothing major and like you in the past 2-3 weeks I noticed I've been breaking out around my jaw line and chin. I couldn't figure out what's been causing it.

I didn't change my diet or anything. But I have re-introduced peanut's convenient and it's just there for breakfast. I've booked another visit to my dermatologist but I'm going to stop eating p.butter for a week and see if it goes away.


Chuck 6 years ago

When I even have a peanut sauce on a spring roll I get a cystic acne flare up. No more peanuts.

jen 7 years ago

I too have found the culprit to my cystic acne. I have found that every time I consume too much of any pastry I get mine...

I think it is a yeast, something used in foods and baking

KimmiJ profile image

KimmiJ 7 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Lauren

I *think* it's a mold or a yeast. Makes sense with the cheeses, too.

I so know what you're going through.

Thank you for the comment. Please let everyone know if ommitting these foods has any effect.

Lauren 7 years ago

Huh, this is interesting. I've struggled with cystic acne for a while now, and I found that I thought cheese was the culprit making me have more of a problem. Maybe it's the extra oils in these products?

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