Three Shocking Female Fashions For Men

You tell him that his eyeliner looks girly... go on...
You tell him that his eyeliner looks girly... go on...

Fashion has always been differentiated along gender lines. We like males to appear to be males and females to appear to be females because it takes a great deal of thought out of social interaction. In the past, especially in recent history (think 1950's) it was very obvious what was male attire and what was female attire.

With women's lib, the lines blurred for women, they started to wear pants and jackets, they started cutting their hair short, and nowadays it is not uncommon for people to take a double take to see if a woman is indeed a woman.

Male fashion has not been so liberated thus far, but there are signs of some equality beginning to come into play. Check out these three predictions of so called 'female' fashions which are making their way, slowly but surely, into the realm of men's fashion.


Eyeliner has been popularised for men by Johhny Depp, who wore a ton of the stuff in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and New Zealand Rugby player, Ma'a Nonu who allegedly wears the stuff to 'intimidate his opponents'. (I guess being built like a howitzer sometimes just isn't enough.)

Goth and emo types have been wearing eyeliner for years, and the creeping of this particular kind of make up into the mainstream seems imminent. Why? Well, because if applied sparingly, it is relatively subtle, but it has quite dramatic effects. For quite some time, people did not know if Ma'a Nonu was actually wearing eye make up, it took his own confirmation of the fact to cement the story.


As most men who wear 'women's' clothing already know, heels were originally designed for men, and were often worn in the French Royal court prior to everyone having their heads summarily lopped off during the French Revolution. The massacre was enough to make noble fashion fall out of style, and when it returned, women reclaimed heels as their own. Men are now left with secretive shoe lifts if they want to look taller, though the demand for heels is still strong amongst many sectors of the male population, and men's shoes with heels are beginning to creep in here and there. If you really must have one, there's always a cowboy boot, which has the advantage of being saturated in testosterone during the production process.

Dresses / Robes

Eddie Izzard can take a lot of credit for introducing dresses and cross dressing to a large mainstream audience. Clinger before him did his part too, although the slant on his cross dressing being intended to be representative of mental illness somewhat undermined the social acceptability of the phenomenon. Dresses were once a major part of a male's wardrobe, and robes are still worn by royalty and the priesthood of many different religions. It is only in recent years that men have been steered towards jeans, slacks and shirts as viable clothing choices. At one time, this sort of dress would have been indicative of being part of the lower classes, now all men are 'forced' to dress this way. Could dresses make a come back into male fashion? It's going to take some serious catwalk time from some major designers to pull that one off, but it could happen. I'm predicting that when it does, it will probably come in the form of long robe like garments, reminiscent of those worn in India and the Middle East.

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aimer la vie profile image

aimer la vie 7 years ago from California

I know I don't want to see every man walking down the street in heels and a dress but, trends seems to gather the followers so anything is possible. However, I admit there are double standards for what "liberal" women can get away with versus men. There's not too much men can truly wear without being called "soft".

profile image

notorious_HAI 7 years ago

Your hubs are always so funny Hope :) I really enjoy reading them.

BTW the bronzer has also slowly made its way into the man make-up arena.

SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 7 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

I saw three different men at three separate locations wearing capri's.The capris were adorned with string bows at the cuff, a kind of feminine touch. It made me wonder if they were truly capris for men or were they just borrowing from their sisters closet. At any rate they looked decent enough wearing them. I can see them coming into the male fashion arena.

kiss of x 7 years ago

In Shanghai many men have taken to carrying purses. Not attaches - purses!


I just think that the clothing & beauty product industries would love the feminization of men, to open up a new market for their crap. Never mind what it does to a society!

Fairy Mary 7 years ago

I've met Ma'a Nonu and only a certified nut would tell the guy that his eyeliner looks girly. I've been told that a reporter covering the story actually wet his pants while asking him the "Do you wear eyeliner?" question!

Great hub (as usual) Hope.

profile image

pauls_boat 7 years ago

great hub its time us men just wore what we wanted to and forget what other people want.

i started to carry a hadbag when i was stationd in germany in 1980 as many men there carried one and i have never stoped now most of the time i carry one that has two straps that can be carried as a back pack as getting in and out of my dingy going to shore it leaves my hands free to hold on and also prevents items getting wet if put down in the bottom like many people do who live on boats.

i love wearing a skirt and have ordered a cargo dress to try to see what the reaction will be to a man in a dress.

i seldom get coments from people when i go out in a skirt so i doubt i will get many more when wearing a dress.

great hub by the way

Doug 6 years ago

I have also seen several men wearing capri's! I used to make fun of capri's to my wife, but since she accused me of being jealous, I bought a pair, and now I'm coming around to concept of capri pants.

Where do you buy a cargo dress? That sounds like my style.

earllyan profile image

earllyan 6 years ago

eyeliner rules in certain fashion themes

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