Thrift Store Shopping for Costume Jewelry

Shopping at Thrift Stores in Georgia for Costume Jewelry Finds

The thrift stores in Georgia are great places to find costume jewelry. I consider costume jewelry to be anything that is not a diamond or pure gold I shop at the thrift stores in Georgia on a regular basis to find these pieces of costume jewelry. Most people think that costume jewelry is cheap. On the contrary some of the more collectible costume jewelry can run as much as thrr or four hundred dollars for a decorative pin from a well known designer For instance some of the Eisenberg Ice pieces from the 1950's can be as much as $300. There are actually collectors out there that will pay that much or more for some of the rarer pieces. I have been able to find these at some of the thrift stores in Georgia for as little as $10. This is a great investment My only problem is that I don't like to sell my jewelry.

Other designers that are very collectible include vintage Coro jewelry, Mazur costume jewelry, and Sarah Coventry. Sarah Coventry costume jewelry can still be found today in department stores.. However the collectible pieces can be found at thrift stores in Georgia and probably those in most any other state.

Some costume jewelry found at thrift stores is not from famous designers. These pieces can be found in thrift stores in Georgia for as little as $2 or $3 The best pieces are the sets that are similar to designer jewelry Some collectors pay as much as $50 a set for these sets.

One of the best things about shopping for costume jewelry at thrift stores in Georgia is the fact that the pieces are often not priced separately For example all pins may be priced at $2.19; rings $3.19 and bracelets may be $2.59 This means that if you spend time in the thrift stores you can find some really great costume jewelry at really cheap prices. Some of this costume jewelry is genuine silver jewelry. I have bought several pieces of silver jewelry at thrift stores in Georgia. I have been able to resell some of these pieces for more than $20 each.

For more information on buying costume jewelry you should visit the link at the bottom of this article.

What to Start With

If you are just starting out collecting costume jewelry, visit several thrift stores in Georgia such as Goodwiill and Salvation Army. These two thrift stores have the best prices I once bought an Eisenberg pin in a Salvation Army thrift store for $9.88. The pin had a retail value of $250. I still wear the pin today because I just like to collect.

Make sure that you like the pieces that you select just in case you are unable to resell. Make sure that the piece is in good repair It can be expensive to have repaired and it may not be worth the hassle of having the costume jewelry repaired.

If you are a beginning at collecting costume jewelry, you should visit your local library or book store to see what designers to look for. Make sure that you do not pay more than these books indicate the piece is worth unless you really just like the piece and are planning on wearing it.

If you live ine state of Georgia, be sure to shop at thrift stores in Georgia for all your costume jewelry needs.


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