Thrift Stores in Georgia

Bargains Purchased at Thrift Stores

I have been shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores since I was about 5years old. My babysitter would take us to every thrift store she could find when I was a child. Of course back then (in the 60;s) I was only interested in toys.

Today, the thrift stores are a rich source of good quality clothing. The thrift stores that I visit have really reasonable prices. When my daughter was in high school, all of her prom dresses came from thrift stores. Even her friends learned to shop from her house before paying a ton of money for their formals at the department stores. The best find was a 1960's type formal which cost 10 cents (not a typo). My daughter wore this dress several times and the other students loved this dress because it was so unique.

If you are looking for clothing for all the 70's parties, halloween costumes, Christmas items and childrens clothing your first stop should be the thrift stores in Georgia. 

How to Make Money with Thrift Store Items

If you are like me you have bought so many items at a bargain that you have no place to keep the items. If this is the case there are ways to make money for these items. One thing that you can do is to have garage sales until some of your merchandise has been sold. I


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