Patterned Fashion Tights For Men

We have John to thank for this selection of patterned tights, for it was he who introduced me to Funny Legs, a site that our European friends will enjoy, mostly because it caters to Europe and has plenty of delightful German sprinkled about the place for your enjoyment. Bittie sie bleiben, ihr warenkorb ist noch leer!

A lot of the tights you'll see in this piece may seem wildly eccentric, that's because Europe is a great deal more fashion liberated than the rest of the colonial West and they're not afraid of bold colors and random patterns. Yes, Europe truly is a magical bohemian fairytale land full of chiming bells, old stone buildings and villages with clocks in their towers. You always know the time in Europe, because it's always time for more lingerie, and cake. Definitely cake.

Bi Color Black Red Tights

These bi color tights might put you in mind of a court jester, but they are undeniably bold and eye-catching, perfect for making a statement. A statement that says 'not everything is a black and white issue, some things are black and red issues'. Ha! See what I did there? Of course you do.

Backgammon Tights

I love these for their asymmetrical charms and for their innovative style. I also love them because they will give the wearer something to do on long car journeys or plane flights. Additionally, it works in their favor that the wearer could appear on the hit show 'Gladiators' wearing these and not raise a single eyebrow.

Crazy Crocodile Tights

Sometimes a man just wants to pretend that he is a giant blue crocodile, and for those times there are these blue crocodile tights. Is the world not full of many marvelous things? Yes. Yes it is.

Maritime Tights

On the front there are white stripes. On the back there are blue stripes, and running down the side of the leg there is one long red stripe. Prepare the good ship lingeriepop and sail the seas of stocking possibility when you don these lovely stockings that are at once feminine and strictly regimented.

Two Color Vertical Tights

Did you enjoy the bi-color tights further up the page but feel that they were missing a certain beach ball quality to them? Never fear. These delightful brown and blue tights are ready to step in where the black and red bi-color fails. As long as you remember that hat with bells on it, you'll be fine.

Purple Plaid

Apparently this is pink, but from where I'm standing it looks purple, so I'm going to call them purple and hopefully no land wars will break out. Plaid is an innocent pattern, but when made in bright outlandish colors, it makes the innocent surreal, and destroys all expectations within a five mile radius. These are powerful tights indeed. Wear them only if you can handle the consequences.

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chevy34_00 6 years ago

Thank's John & Hope. Very pretty tights.

Wendygrrl 6 years ago

Wow... fashion tights and heels... works for me

Ben 6 years ago

I saw a girl wearing some of those bi colour tights on the train here in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Hers were blue and black though rather than red and black. All I can say is that they looked really good and were really eye catching.

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