Tignanello Leather Handbags A How To Care Guide for the Leather--Make it Last!

You have a yummy new Tig leather bag--now what?


Guide to caring for your leather Tignanello handbag


OK, you have this delightfully yummy new Tignanello leather bag.....you love it, you cherish it, you take care of it.  But, you know no matter how careful you are, things happen.


What can you do if you need to care for your Tignanello leather designer handbag??  First, you need to know that Tignanello handbags come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.  However, two of their most common families of leather bags are the Tignanello One Touch leather and the Tignanello Casual leather.


Both of these leathers are naturally treated and dyed (not painted), so it retains a buttery softness.  Unpainted leathers have a porous surface that is susceptible to staining, so it is recommended that you apply a good quality leather waterproofing/protector spray to make the leather less prone to absorb dirt, grime and stains.  Doing this may change the feel of the leather a bit, but it is worth it in the long run.  (Always test a small inconspicious area of the leather before you apply the treater to the entire bag.).


If you have a specific "issue" to deal with .... here are some tips right from the manufacturer:


Dust & Surface Dirt:  Simply wipe the bag with a soft cloth, slightly damp.  Don't wash it with water or any other chemical;  just gently wipe it off.


Spills:  If you do spill something on the bag, wipe up any excess liquid immediately with a clean cloth or sponge.  If needed, wipe down the bag with clean lukewarm water and let the leather air dry.


Spots & Stains:  If you are unfortunate enough to get a stain on your Tignanello handbag, CLEAR saddle soap may remove some the the deeper dirt, but be aware that it may temporarily darken the leather.  You should use this as a last resort only.


Pencil, Ink Marks, Grease or Oil:  Gently use an eraser for slight pencil marks.  Ink marks, grease and oil are NOT removeable;  leave these alone.


Heat, Sunlight:  It is best to keep any leather out of direct heat and sunlight because prolonged exposure may dry out the leather and make it stiff and cause it to change color.


Rain:  If your leather bag gets wet from the outdoor rain, it is best to quickly wipe off any water with a dry cloth and let the leather air dry. 


Where to buy Tignanello handbags

 Looking for one?  That's the easy part!  If you feel like trecking to the mall, you can find Tignanello handbags at famous upscale department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's.  You can also sometimes find them at places like TJ Maxx and Ross Shop for Less.

But, the best place to find an authentic Tignanello handbag is eBay!  You can't beat the selection or the price.  Check your sellers to be sure they are on the up and up, as with any online purchase, but relax and pick the bag of your dreams!  It's easy!


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Dona Rosa profile image

Dona Rosa 7 years ago from Tennessee

We sell leather goods at my store and some of your leather care hubs go great with our info :) JV time!

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