Time To Shine: A Guide To Online Diamond Buying

Is it time to pop the question? Time to celebrate an anniversary? Or maybe it’s a special occasion that requires a truly vivid, expressive gift? Well, then it’s time for a diamond. Lately, many nervous guys getting ready to take the plunge have decided to eschew the traditional jewelry store route and look online. If you want to design your own engagement ring online, or even design a ring for any occasion, you could use a few tips.

Those who sell diamonds online may not always be the most helpful – after all, they want you to spend and will be harder to read than a jewelry store clerk. Your advantage is that you have plenty of information just a click of the mouse away to guide you through the process, whether you are looking for a place that sells rings or sites that sell diamond ring accessories. The most important thing to remember are the four c’s of diamonds. What are they?

The 4 C's of Diamonds

Cut – The common mistake made when the word “cut” is brought up in reference to diamonds is that people tend to think “shape”. Cut actually means the reflective properties of the diamond itself, meaning its level of brilliance. When you look at a diamond in the light, the light should reflect back to you with intensity and vigor. It should not scatter away in all kinds of directions; rather it should be sharp and, well, brilliant.

Clarity – All diamonds have a few scuff marks, cracks or other flaws. After all, diamonds come from nature and as such are not perfect. Diamond sellers use the term “inclusions” to describe these characteristics, just like the term “mole” gets replaced with “beauty mark”. It’s important to remember that most diamonds will have small inclusions. Your diamond will include a clarity grade, and grades from F (flawless) to SI (slightly included) are a good buy.

Color- It should be obvious that a classic, brilliant diamond will be colorless. Of course, there are some rare diamonds that are colored and will be more expensive, but that’s a completely different animal. We are talking about having a diamond as devoid of color as possible to let that light pass through it and give it a glow that will take any woman’s breath away. Diamonds graded G-I on the color grade scale will show virtually no color to the naked eye. The lower the alphabet letter, the less color – so be mindful of that when shopping online.

Carat Weight- There are many factors in determining what size of diamond you should go with, but obviously the bigger the diamond the more expensive it will be. If she’s the type of girl who doesn’t care about the size of the diamond, then you will have an easy time of it. A big rock will always impress, but if you’re not a billionaire, don’t pretend to be one by getting a diamond the size of a small dog.

Now you’re ready to make the biggest purchase of your life. Good luck, and happy diamond hunting!

Popular Diamond Shapes and Cuts
Popular Diamond Shapes and Cuts
Popularity of Shape for Diamonds
Popularity of Shape for Diamonds
Round Cut Diamond Ring
Round Cut Diamond Ring
Rachel Bilsons' Round Cut Diamond Ring
Rachel Bilsons' Round Cut Diamond Ring
Carrie Underwood's Round Cut Diamond Ring
Carrie Underwood's Round Cut Diamond Ring
More Diamond Shapes and Cuts
More Diamond Shapes and Cuts

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Where Dreams Come True...

Diamond Mines Map

Top 10 Diamond Mines In The World

1. Russia: Mirna Mine accounts for 25% of world rough diamond production.

2. Australia: Argyle Diamond Mine accounts for 20% of the global diamond output.

3. Botswana: Jwaneng Diamond Mine produce 14.3 million carats of diamond in 2003.

4. Angola: Catoca Diamond Mine produce 2.6 million carats in 2001.

5. Angola: Luzamba Diamond Mine largest alluvial mine.

6. Botswana: Letlhakane Diamond Mine produce 1.2 million carats of diamond in 2008.

7. Botswana: Orapa Diamond produce 16.3 million carats of diamond in 2003

8. Congo: Bakwanga Mine exported $640-million for 2003.

9. Sierra Leone: Magna Egoli Mine produces over $25 million of diamonds per year.

10. South Africa: Premier Diamond Mine is the largest provider of Cullinan diamonds.

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