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Tinker Bell has held a special little place in most of our hearts since we were children. Believe it or not, this mischievous little fairy has been around for over 100 years! Originally created by Scottish author J.M. Barrie for his 1904 play, Peter and Wendy, Tinker Bell was initially intended to be seen as a supporting actress of sorts. Her character has since become a well recognized and well loved little pixie that we all can't seem to get enough of!

Although Tinkerbell doesn't have much dialogue besides giggles, squeals, or the type of "hmph" one associates with pouting , her character is very endearing. She is childlike in the sense that when she feels an emotion, she FEELS an emotion! If she feels jealousy, she cannot see anything but green! If she is sad, she feels the sadness with every fiber of her being. If she is happy, overjoyed, or feeling the emotion of love...she cannot contain herself!

It is explained by her creator, Barrie, that she feels her emotions so intensely because of her size; fairies are so tiny that they can only "handle" one emotion at any given time. Can you imagine if we were only capable of dealing with on emotion at a time? Yikes!

Because of the way Tink feels her emotions, she can sometimes find herself in a bit of a "fix". She may end up doing something she'll regret later on, but at the time, she can't help herself. I'm sure all of us have found ourselves in a situation like this a few times in our lives!

Most of us identify with Tinker Bell on a youthful level. As children, part of growing up is learning to handle your emotions and think of others, not just yourself. Learning to share, sympathize, empathize, and work through multiple, simultaneously occurring emotions in a mature manner are all rites of passage into adulthood.

Tinker Bell, because she will never be forced to "grow-up" and will always have a child's mind and heart, appeals to children because they identify with her and adults because she reminds us of just what it was to be a child.

Throw-in to the mix the fact that Tinker Bell can fly and can help others (like us!) to fly by sprinkling them with her fairy dust, and what's not to love about this tiny pixie?!

How Did Tinker Bell Become So Popular?

Although J.M. Barrie's book and subsequent play, Peter and Wendy, gained much popularity throughout Barrie's life (1860-1937), it wasn't really until Disney's movie, Peter Pan, was released in 1953 that Tinker Bell started becoming more well known and loved.

Tinker Bell's Disney Legacy

Disney recognized this phenomenon and, as they say, "ran with it". Because they could see that their audience really liked the idea and concept of the magic that Tinker Bell exemplified, Disney decided to use Tinker Bell as somewhat of a mascot. Tink can often be observed in opening scenes buzzing around and sprinkling her magic fairy dust in and around Disney logos. In essence, she is "sharing the magic" that is Disney.

Beginning in 1954, she was often featured as the "host" of many of Disney's live television productions. From Disneyland to Walt Disney Presents to The Magical World of Disney, Tinker Bell was seen sprinkling her fairy dust during opening credits or closing credits. At Disneyland, Tink is a prominent figure in the artwork and design of the ride, Peter Pan's Flight and she is seen flying through the air during Disneyland's nightly fireworks (played by an acrobat).

Tinker Bell was an original Disney character featured in their Disney Princess franchise, but was soon removed from that line-up and added as the main character for their Disney Fairies franchise. With this new franchise, Tinker Bell will be featured in five straight to DVD animated movies, one of which (Tinker Bell) was already released in 2008. Tinker Bell actually gets to speak in these movies!

In addition, Disney recently announced that Tink will get her own live-action movie! It will be a comedy based on her personality, no doubt allowing us a little more insight into her childlike outlook and fun, mischievous nature.

Tink Beyond Cinema

Once Tinker Bell was establish as an unofficial spokesperson for Disney, she began to appear everywhere--and not just in Disney marketing, but in pop culture. Obviously, Disney holds all rights to the Tinker Bell image, but this doesn't stop individuals from getting tattoos of Tink, creating Tinker Bell artwork, and as we'll soon find out, dressing up as Tinker Bell for Halloween and other costumed events!

Tinkerbell Is A Favorite Halloween Costume...

...And it's no wonder why! Halloween is the one time of the year where we get to dress-up and "play" somebody else. Unless you're an actor, putting on a costume and getting into character is not something you get to do very often. When Halloween comes around, it's an exciting chance to step outside of yourself for one day and pretend to be whoever you want to be!

Because of the appeal that Tinker Bell has to our inner-child, she is a very popular character to portray come Halloween. Little girls, teens, and adults alike have dressed-up as Tinker Bell on Halloween for many decades. The age of the "Trick-or-Treater" tends to correlate with the length of the pixie's skirt, but once again, the whole point is to be someone else and just have fun, loosening your inhibitions a bit!

Whether creating your Tinker Bell costume from scratch (Who has time to do that?!) or purchasing one from an online store, it's important to be accurate and pay attention to detail. Maybe it's a bit of Tinker Bell's personality coming through, but the truth is, if you come across another person dressed as Tinker Bell, you better believe that the two of you are you are going to end up scrutinizing each others costumes!

It's almost a "you're not a true fan unless..." type of scenario. If you don't have green slipper shoes with white puffs on them, you're going to be judged--sorry to tell ya! If you don't have a blue ribbon on your blond hair, or the right kind of wings, or a jagged enough short skirt, you're going to be deemed "not magic enough". Sorry folks, that's just how is is! :)

So, when it comes time to start getting your costume together, I recommend spending the money and getting a pre-made costume kit. But don't wait until the day of to pull it out of its packaging. Take the costume out way in advance, examine your inventory, and find out what is lacking! That way you have plenty of time to shop around and find all the perfect little detail accessories to complete your Tinker Bell costume and wear it with pride!

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