Tips For Hair Repair

What to Do When Your Hair is Damaged Beyond Repair

I hope this has never happened to you. You go into a salon and have a chemical service done to your hair. It can be a color, a perm or a straightener. What happens next is not good.

Your hairdresser may or may not say anything at this point. She/he can still make it look OK. They know how to cover up damage temporarily. They use styling product, maybe blow dry it. But the real trick to smoothing out frizzy over processed hair is to apply heat. If they are using a curling iron and you have not request that, ask them why they are doing it. A logical answer would be to fluff the front, to style the bangs or top, to make large curls all over if you had a tighter perm and want it smoother. If you asked for a body perm and they are now using an iron to soften out the curls, you may have gotten a perm that will be too tight when you get home and wash it for the first time.

Thoroughly check your new perm right away while you are still at the salon. If there is something that you are not satisfied with, speak up. Now is the time to let them know how you feel. Be sure to speak with the salon owner or manager. There is the option of deep conditioning your hair right away if it is WAY too curly. It will relax it some what. If that isn't enough, give it at least two weeks to settle down. You can deep condition it during this time as often as every other day.

What to do if your hair has been over processed and is dry, frizzy and fragile.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is not much you can do now. I would suggest that you go back to the salon and ask to speak with the owner or manager.Ask him/her to wash and condition your hair. They can get a better idea of what is going on when it's wet. Ask them to then give you their opinion as to what is making your hair dry, frizzy and breaking. There is nothing you can put on your hair at this point that will fix it. I'm sorry to say, but your only option is to try these steps.

1. Wash less frequently.

2. Use a heavy cream conditioner, leave most of it in.

3. use a styling aid such as gel, mousse, leave in cream, and hairspray.

4. Go back to the salon once per week for deep conditioning treatments. Ask for these to be performed free of charge. Do this for 6 weeks, then once a month for 3 months.

5. hope it grows out quickly and possibly change hairdressers.

So, as you can see, there is not much that can be done for over-processed hair. It can not be fixed. It can be covered over to make it appear smoother, but, you can not fix it.

Using products such as a heavy leave in conditioner mixed with some gel will help it look better. Using a curling iron will also smooth it out. This will have to be done every time though, since, as soon as you wash it again, the dry, frizzy's will be back.

Hair can not be repaired after it is damaged. Your hair is not a living thing. That's why you can cut it and it doesn't hurt. Once the hair shaft exits your skin, it is no longer a living thing. It is just, well, actually, read this from Wikipedia

So, if you want Beautiful Hair, you need to be careful about chemical treatments. Chemical treatments include perms, permanent color, straightener, hi-lites. Some chemical treatments that do not cause damage are semi-permanent color and lo-lites. You can read about both of these on my web site, Natural Beauty Tips 4 U

Another suggestion about chemical services. If you have one, your hair should be fine, IF you use a high quality, salon quality, shampoo, conditioner and styling aid. This is SO important! Why spend the money on having the chemical service in the first place if you aren't going to take super care of it after it's done? Shampoo and conditioner found in a grocery or department store are usually cheap detergent with fragrance added. They are not only harsh, but will relax a perm, fade a color and dry out your hair. Yes, even if it says it's for chemically treated hair. Salon products are the correct pH balance for optimum hair health and beauty.

Please refer to my web site for more details about how you can keep your hair beautiful and healthy. You can have chemical services done. Just know when to stop. Don't have too many done on the same hair. What I mean by that is, when you have a perm or permanent color, that hair has to grow out and be cut off before it is all gone. You CAN color just the new growth. What you should not do is color the entire thing every time. You also should not re-perm until the old one is completely gone.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Have a beautiful hair day. :-)

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Lisa Latimer 8 years ago

Hi, Michelle. Great article. I used to go to a hair dresser who used to give me highlights for the longest time. Then one day she said my hair was starting to get too gray so she suggested me dying my hair completely. She made the comments "It's time."She tried to convince me that I'd be saving money. She lied. After the first couple of complete hair dyes my hair was a wreck! The small frizzy patch on top of my head became worse. She did not explain that there may be some risk that my hair would become more damaged and that possibly my frizzy hair patch would get bigger. It cost me in terms of money in expensive hair products to attempt to fix my hair, and to no avail. It also cost me in time because my hair then became an obsession. I also paid the price in terms of lower sel-image and self-confidsence. I no longer see her. But when i thought about her comments "It's time" what she really meant was time to damage my hair beyond repair. Chemicals such as ammonia and even hydrogen peroxide are not only very drying but toxic! There are a host of other toxic ingredients in commercial hair dyes also. Now, I only use natural hair dyes using henna and a solution called cover the grey by Light Mountain-the lowest in toxicity. Other women have suffered worse hair fates than mine called toxic hair loss. I am lucky that didn't happen to me, but still, what a pain!

michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 8 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your hair situation. I'm glad you have started using natural products. In my salon I do still offer permanent hair color, BUT, I let them know EXACTLY what having this done means to their hair. Then, it's their choice. Some people will still choose the permanent, but others want something gentle and as non-toxic as possible.

I use a very gentle color called Shades EQ by Redken. It works great and is so gentle, your hair looks and feels better after it is done. This is what I offer first.

I'm happy to hear that you have your healthy hair back and are treating it gently. Are you using quality products as well?

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

I have not had a colouring for years, but I have frizzy curly hair. You are right, saloon products make a big difference. They are usually 3 or 4 times the price (in my town) but at least they work wonders.

Lisa Latimer 8 years ago

Hi, Michelle. I am using high quality products. My company offered a really good leave-in conditioner and a hair masque. I have very fine hair also so I have to be careful not to use anything heavy like hair wax or hair gloss. Recently though I tried using my company's leave in conditioner with Paul Mitchell's hair serum. I apply both when my hair is wet, not damp like the instructions say. It does make a difference but like you said you have to do it every day.

Amanda  7 years ago

Dear Michelle, Im thinking that my hair is over processed. I had highlights put in a couple of months ago, which I may do every couple years, and I heard the hairdresser say "uh-ohh, you processed fast!" My hair is sticky when it is wet, I can barely get a brush through it, and forget trying to pull it up while wet. Please, what can help me???

michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author


I'm so sorry to hear about your hair. Have you spoken with your hairdresser? This should be your first step as he/she should be the one to help you work through this. Unfortunately, it can not be fixed, it can only be helped. What I mean is, the hairdresser should do a series of moisturizing treatments as well as give you, (yes, give, not charge) products to use at home. They need to know what they have done and they should help you with it for as long as needed at no further cost to you.

Many times, people will not go back because they are upset with the situation and/or the person, but if you want them to make this right for you, go back and insist on seeing who ever is in charge. The owner or manager as well as the hairdresses should be sat down and told about this and what you expect as a result.

I wrote an article about how to talk to your hairdresser and here's the link.

I hope this is helpful.

Take care,

Michelle Moseley

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BonnieLou432 6 years ago

New User (6)

Searching for the best salon (all-in one) deep conditioning product:restoring lifeless hair to life?

I'm a 48 year old female. My hair color is between a medium strawberry blond and a light auburn. All my life, i have been extremely self-concious about my hair. It's lifeless, which makes it very hard to manage. It's fine, thin, limp, dull, dry and brittle. It has no body, bounce or shine. There are some split-ends and sometimes it gets the frizzy flyaway's and static. Lately, i have noticed some hair loss, after showering. This concerns me, as well.... my hair story: a few years ago, while getting my haircut i was telling my stylist how lifeless my hair was and of course she noticed and recommended me to have a intense deep conditioning treatment after my haircut. She said, that just for the fun & because of it's #1 salon ratings; she & her co-workers nick-named it: the all-in-one "miracle in a jar." she guaranteed, i would feel like a new women. So, i agreed to have this done ... &..."wow"... This product was amazing. My hair felt so alive, so beautiful and full of life. Two months later i went back to the salon to get "miracle in a jar"... But, their was no salon. They closed their doors & moved out-of-state. Now, my hair is again lifeless and i'm again searching for a product similar to and/or comes relatively close to the: (all-in-one) "miracle in a jar" note: (was it's aka name). Please reply asap, thank-you! Sincerely, bonnie lou

Michelle 6 years ago

Hi Bonnie Lou,

There are SO many products that offer these kinds of results. Do you have any way of knowing at least the brand name? Was it Redkin, Matrix, Biolage, Loreal, to name a few? Did you sit with it on your hair for a few minutes? Did you sit under a dryer for heat application? Was it rinsed out or left in?

Sorry about all the questions, but, this "miracle in a jar" can be one of so many. It may be difficult to narrow it down. Sorry.


harriet  6 years ago

My grandson had the black stripped ot of his hair and the salon had to process it 2 times now it is etremenly dry and damaged his hair is his life What can I do to help him restore it. What products can I use.

Michelle Moseley 6 years ago

Hi Harriet,

I'm sorry to hear of your grandsons predicament. I have a site with some information here.

I would suggest talking with the salon owner or manager. See if they can help you with this. Deep conditioning would be a good first step. Anti-frizz products can help. Basically learning how to treat it gently while it grows out. Damaged hair is fragile and handling it gently is very important. No rough brushing, wet or dry. Using a moisturizing shampoo and a good detangler. I use and love the Biolage Detangling Solution. See if your salon sells that. If not, I can help there.

I hope that helps a bit.

Let me know if I can help further.


michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 6 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Just an FYI. Please follow this link to read more. All the above mentioned ones are now obsolete. Thanks.

Claire Gomez 5 years ago

Ok i just got this "beach perm" and it ended up being little waves that frizz up and make me look like hermione granger from harry potter. I'm really upset that it turned out this way and i'm going to see my hairdresser in a few hours. i had it done saturday and today is tuesday. i'm nervous to have them damage it more. what do i do? can i get big loose curls somehow? please help!

Michelle Moseley 5 years ago

Hi Claire,

I'm sorry to hear of your hair issue. I think the best thing you are doing is going back to the hairdresser that did it and have an open discussion with her. Find a picture of what you want it to look like. That helps. I would recommend NOT having them re-perm. If it's too tight, it can be relaxed a bit. They could add a bit of perm solution to a lot of heavy duty conditioner and saturate your wet hair with it. Comb this through your hair for 10 minutes. Ask them about doing that to help it relax a bit. Then have them do a second treatment of just the conditioner, a plastic cap and heat for 20 minutes. This will help the hair feel soft and conditioned and help get rid of the frizzy's.

I hope this helps!!

Bonnie Lou 5 years ago

Hi Michelle, I do not know the Brand name. However, I do remember some; but not all, of the Salon Brands that they did use. The ones that I do recall were: Alterna or Aveda, Brocato, Joico, Lanza, KMS, Scruples and Vavoom. NOTE: Again, here is my hair story which I have given more detail to and the step-by-step procedures of the treatment that the stylist used on my hair. Several years ago, I went to a Hair Salon called "Beauty Lines Salon & Supplies" in Layton, Utah, 84041; for a haircut. While getting my haircut, I was telling the stylist about all my hair type problems and asked her if their salon had a product that could fix them all. Of course, the stylist did mention that indeed I had a number of hair type problems; which she noted as being: dull, fine, thin, flat, limp & lifeless with no bounce, body, movement, softness or shine with some static fly-away. She then continued to tell me about this product their salon used & guaranteed 100%, that I would leave the salon feeling like a million bucks. So, I let her proceed with this treatment product that their salon called their All-In-One "Miracle in a Jar"...and\or Miracle in a (bottle or tube). However, This was not the product's true original name. It was a nick-name that only their salon used and addressed it by, because; it instantly treated every type of hair problem and did with just one product. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask what the real product name or brand was because everyone had been addressing it by it's given nickname. Anyhow, the stylist began to massage this product, which I believe was a thick cream and or lotion; into my hair & scalp. It had a tingling, cool mint sensation and a great scent. She then covered my hair with a cap & if I remember correctly; used no heat, for about 15 minutes. (If heat was applied it was still for about 15 minutes). She then rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and then used a blow dryer, on a low cool setting. And... WOW! My hair had never looked so good or felt better. Instantly, after just one treatment; my hair had so much life with so much incredible bounce, body, movement, softness & shine with no static fly-away. And I couldn't stop running my fingers through it. It boosted my self esteem as well as my self confidence; making me no longer, feeling self conscious. Her guarantee was 100% plus and I most definitely, left their salon; feeling like a million bucks and a new woman. Sadly to say, their salon closed their doors and moved out of state a few months later. So, I have been searching for this product's true original name and brand; ever since. Or; for a product that relatively comes closest to what "Miracle in a Jar"; and or ("bottle" or "tube"), did for me and my hair. Which again is: dull, fine, thin, flat, limp & lifeless with no bounce, body, movement, softness or shine with some static fly-away.

michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 5 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thanks for writing again, Bonnie.

That's a bummer about them closing their doors and you not being able to find that product again. I wonder if the "Wen" is anything like it. That's a cream conditioning cleanser that I have seen on TV. I tried it and liked it, but found it to be more expensive than I wanted to spend. I still have some left and now what I do is wash my hair 2 times a week and then use that as a conditioner then and in between on the days when I just rinse. I wet my hair and use the Wen. (which by the way, I watered down to make last longer) It's super thick, so watering it down not only makes it last longer, but is easier to apply. Try a bottle of that and see if it works for you. I'd love to know.

Bonnie Lou 5 years ago

Hi Michelle, Thank-you for the Wen tip. Unfortunately; I know that WEN was not the product that was used, because; it wasn't on the market when I had my hair treatment done, but; please do correct me if I'm wrong. It had to have been a salon product that was on the market and sold to salons between the late 1980's through 2005. (This is when BEAUTY LINES SALON was in business). NOTE: My friend recently told me that the stylist that used this product on my hair, may have possibly mixed another product, called "TEA TREE OIL" to the treatment product the stylist used; giving it that tingling, cool mint sensation that I had when it was massaged on my hair and scalp. I will be so grateful and I know it's a lot to ask, but; if possible, could you give me a list of some other Salon Treatment Products that will at least give my dull, fine, thin, limp, lifeless hair incredible body & bounce that both me and my hair are craving for. Thank-you! I do appreciate all your help and support.

Michelle 5 years ago

Hi Bonnie,

Well, from what you are saying, I'm thinking of a Redkin product called "Extreme Conditioner Revitalisant", (it's a deep conditioning treatment, best when used with heat applied) possibly mixed with Tea Tree Oil like you suggested. This treatment would be thick and creamy with a minty scent and cool mint sensation on the scalp. You can ask at the salon where you go and/or at I don't know if you can buy this product without a cosmetology license, but you can ask.

This treatment is applied and then a plastic cap put on over it. Then you are placed under a hot dryer for 20 minutes. After that, you are allowed to cool for another 10 minutes and then rinsed. This makes hair feel wonderful and should be done about 1 time per month.

Let me know if this treatment works for you and how your hair turns out. You can reply here or email me directly at

Best of luck!!

Blu 4 years ago

Aloha Michele,

I found your site to be very informative.

Here's my horror story. After reading your comments about the over processing of hair.

I have latin hair fine, thin, curly and a lot of it.

In fact it was getting super long. I never had short hair ever. I break out in grey like my mom did at the crown and roots As soon as its 1/2 inch I get it colored black nothing special easy for someone to do. So my hair is colored black with Paul Mitchell products and have been doing this for 10 years and never had a problem with irration or iching. About three years ago they changed the line and my former hairdresser dropped it for it was irratating her and her clients. My hair was getting damaged from her using different products that I saw an ad for Paul Mitchell salon exclusively. So I went in to get the treatment with a hairdresser that was in my former hairdresser shop "EV". The color is the lowest she said. They take the color thru all of my hair. Did the repair treatment put me under the dryer and blow it out with a paddle brush makes it smooth and gentle on my hair. This was going well until the color started to irritate my scalp. I looked it up on the internet and the PPD thats in the color I thought was the agent that was causing this, printed it and gave it too her. Did not read it just folded up like it didn't mean anything to her. I went to the doctor. She gave me a cream and that relieved some of the itching but, I had to wash it out to find so much color still in my hair. Could this be the problem? Nothing much was changing so I had my chance to switch cuz she went on vacation and see if "El" another hairdresser in the salon and when she did the color no reaction. I was just happy. Unfortunately, she had to change her schedule and I had to switch again. To "J" would do the color and every time run what they called PM shines. This did not cover grey very well and less irratating. I go every four weeks and stretched it out to see. We also did the repair treatment after the color but, she massaged it in my head and rinsed it out. I wanted to figure out what causing this it was so bad after few hours and had to wash it out after paying $140 so much black color was coming out of my hair. I told her but, she said its black its gonna be in their. You need to wash it out twice like "E" did. I am not sure that she was using the same developer that "E" used. "J" went on vacation here we go again. The owner took care of my hair for 4 weeks and hair started to break off in little pieces and did not notice she was not using the paddle brush she was using the metal round brush that I refuse to use on my hair. These two hair dresser turn my chair away from the mirror so I cannot see and thought they were turning me around instead of them working around my hair. I dont no why. I just let that go. "E" never did that.

"J" returned and here we go again and when I went into have the normal service done color and style generally a Blow out and flat iron. This time the processing seemed longer than usual. I think she went out for a smoke and I was chating with a client next chair. I have been attending this salon for 3 years. Service was done on the 16th my hair started falling out in clumps long strands of hair when I just touched it by the 19th it had to be washed and cut to my shoulders and where it naturally curly to find that my hair has no natural curl it was like a horses tail. I was freaking out my hair was to the middle of my back. I texted her right away what have you done different to my hair. She put it on me that I did something diet, supplements using different products. The PM products make my scalp itch and drying of the hair. Many have dropped the line locally especially the color when I began to call to see if it was the product and it was. Too many complaints.

When the hair gets processed like this and using heat and not adjusting the heat its gonna hurt the head and scalp. It was very sore and had to find out where is all this hair fall out from...when I spread my hair I had two bald spots and after reading numerous stories that over heating hair and treatments will eventually turn into Alopecia AA. As long as the hair folicle is not damaged the hair will grow back but it will take 4 to 6 months maybe longer and most important part is no stress will prolong growth. I called my obgyn and dermatologist and was in the office right away. For over 2 years every morning with breakfast I take vitamins one C D,E,fishoil,

an eye vitamin from my eye doctor. I dont smoke, drink alcohol or coffee. Just tea and no cafine. Healthy diet.

I never had hair loss. The normal few strands less than a 100. So it was dx with Alopecia and overprossessing. I am 55 years old,110lbs 5'6' spanish russian. I am getting older but people think I am my sons girl friend when we are out shopping and they think I am rocking lol. I correct them. Been married 28 years.

to rule out any defencentcies. I had to get a series of blood work done and a problem they can never get blood from my arms it had to come from my hands with a baby needle 7 vials had to be filled. I was loopy. But, they got it. The derma took hair samples and injected the areas with intraisesional Kenalog injections (R who came to cut my hair told me it was AA and to be prepaired for injections in this area.) to stimuate hair growth I think or to reduse hair loss or imflamation.15 mg/cc were injected. I became so upset that my hairdresser continued after numerous complaints on what to do to stop this irritation and everyone new in the shop how it was bothering me. I thought they cared.

Derma said take Biotin and apply rogaine foam but, its says for men and women. So my husband bought the womens 2% liquid why would I use something for men on me. I misunderstood what she recommended. Well,that burned. I was in the office the next day. It fine keep using it. I need to get this head calm before adding more chemicals not sure doing the shots in the head was good either but, she is may doctor and I have to trust her. My scalp would not stop hurting. I continued to ask is more hair gonna keep falling out? They would never answer, lets get you back to happy place I was in tears I could not longer compose myself. I wasn't getting the reality of this condition and how could "J" let this happen to me. I trusted her to care for my hair. I finally met my goal and with all the wonderful vitamins my nails are growing that has taken over a year of removing fake nails and healed from fungus and filing it was as bad as I am feeling now since this has happened to my hair.

I am happy to say that all my blood work came back EXCELLENT in fact impressive. I am perfecly healthy woman. This a clear result of overprocessing of hair and the way the hair is treated after the treatment. M, I can never go back there after the way they have negelected me and their neglegence in applying the products not listening to me when I say this it not working If they know it bothering you you should stop right away. Others have commented and still go back.

My scalp was so sore. I couldn't eat, and sleep my head hurt to lay down cuz it hits the bald spot. I finally called around to found a hair loss clinic. Dr. T recommended organic extra virgin oil and massage it in your head. It will soothe you and you will be able to relax. My hair is so dry this was immediate relief OMG. I finally got a good night sleep and felt better. My hair had some life to it and hopefully not as much will continue to fall out. He said stay away from shampoos and conditioners for now but, it does feel good to have cold water run thru it. Since the 20th I have been collecting the hair that is falling out and have now filled a large zip lock, I can make a wig it unbelievable how much hair has been lossed It was DEVASTATING. When you get emotional about the hair loss now you have to see another doctor for those symtoms so you can cope with this. they are not covered by insurance so I will now be spending the money I spent on my hair to these types of doctors for self help when u can't control yourself and his tecniques are suppose to help you.

Michelle 4 years ago

Wow!!! that is horrifying!! I am SO sorry you had to go through this. I hope that with time, you will get your hair back and it will be healthy, long and beautiful.

hunnyp 4 years ago

Dear Michelle, I have fine naturally wavy hair & need a stylist who is good w/my hair type,can u recommend a salon or stylist in my area, Southfield,MI? Thanx so much

Michelle 4 years ago

Hi Hunny,

I'm sorry, I can not recommend a salon. I do not live near enough to check them out for you. I would suggest going to several salons and asking them how they handle fine hair. It also depends on what service you are looking for. Stay away from too many chemicals. Your fine hair will not do well with them. If you have any particular questions about chemical treatments, I'd be happy to answer them for you.

Mary Anne 4 years ago

My hair has been damaged from highlighting and I was growing tired of the time it took to comb out the tangled mess it became after shampooing and conditioning. It was stressful. I was seriously thinking of cutting my hair short to get rid of all the damage. Then my stylist recommended the Shielo Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner. The Shielo Color Protect shampoo left my hair in such great condition that I went back to their website and bout their Antioxidant Hair Protectant.

Last night I used the Shielo Antioxidant Protectant for the first time and just after shampooing it out, the comb ran right through the damaged strands. Plus, it smells great. I can not believe how much of an improvement I have seen already and I have not even had these products for a whole week.

Michelle 4 years ago

Awesome, I'll check it out. Thanks SO much!!

kalieH 4 years ago

Hi, I have recently had a big mistake with dying my hair. I used peroxide dye on my hair, and it went illuminous orange so 2 days later I dyed it again. I tried so hard to get rid of the orange, we dyed it 4 times :-/ and now its yellow!!! I need some help on how to make it more manageable and I cannot physically brush it!!!!!! It is so dry and knotty, I try to brush it and it all just breaks! Please help!!!!

michelle 4 years ago

Hi Kalie, Send me an email so we can chat privately.

Kaitlin 4 years ago

Hi Michelle,

I've been having my dyed to platinum blonde for about four years. (I know it's bad!! But I really like the color, I naturally have blonde hair btw) My hair has been gummy and I've seen a lot of breakage, for the last year I've been trying to do protein treatments and using shampoos with protein but it doesn't really help, could it be making it worse? My hair is still gummy and it takes so many hours to dry.

Michelle 4 years ago

Hi Kaitlin,

It sounds like your hair is damaged beyond repair. Is this mostly on the ends? If so, you can continue having the new hair dyed, (just the roots) just don't let them pull the product through the ends. Have them trim it each time and after a while, you should see less damage. You should never pull the color through the ends every time. I hope this helps!!

Kaitlin 4 years ago

Hi Michelle,

It's actually not on the ends, the length of my hair is fine it's just on the crown of my head near the roots, it's the last spot to dry, could that be part of it? I almost feel like the hair stays wet there so long it's like dissolving or something. Is that possible?

Michelle 4 years ago

Sounds like over-processing. Give it time and gentleness and it should get better.

Kaitlin 4 years ago

Ok, thanks! Ive heard that the hair can become too porous, is there a way to fix that?

Michelle 4 years ago

You can try protein treatments.

Passione 4 years ago

My hair is over-processed, and I'm growing it out so...lots of split ends and I'm sure the flat iron doesn't help. So after trying to deal with straw-like hair with Ojon, Frederic Fekkai and a few other high-priced products, I decided to give Shielo a try, specifically their Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner. I never had heard of the Shielo brand, but I decided to just give it a try - the results were worth it. It seems I need repeat treatments of it, and I didn't expect it to be a permanent solution. But there are no real miracles for problems like mine. Yet this treatment worked best, and I'm sticking with it!

Michelle 4 years ago

Glad to hear that this is working for you!! Thanks for commenting!

Kari 4 years ago

Hi Michelle,

I have colored my naturally brown hair black for the last past eight years. About 3 years ago I stopped using hair extensions (great lengths) I let my hair breath and grow and took very good care of it. I was thinking for at least a month to get rid of the black hair and get light brown with highlights. I went in to the salon that i've been going to for about 1 and a half years and asked my stylist to lift the black out and to color it the way I wanted. She used a 25 volume and watched it carefully.

The black came out but not completely evenly, but she wouldn't continue with the bleach. We then applied the color and it came out looking orangy and green. She said I needed to wait a week before I came back in to fix it.

I went home and my husband didn't like it and I hated it, so I went to Ulta to see if I could buy a toner and or maybe get the color to change with a shampoo. The manager came up and said she could fix it and make it the color I wanted.

I decided to go ahead, I had to work the next day and did not want anyone to see me with that awful hair color. It came out a nicer color but not what I had asked for. So she toned it down. I still hated it and then she said she could put me back to brown. I said ok and since she stayed late for me I said dont worry about blow drying my hair but can you put in a really good conditioner and I'll leave it in for a couple hours. She put one in and I left, I waited 2 hours or so to wash it out. When I did color was still coming out and I tried to dry it after and it felt sticky so I washed it again and it still was sticky I decided to blow dry it anyway. My hair was breaking off like crazy I've never had this happen before in my life!!! I'm talking inches and it felt impossible to brush and dry like it was so thin and frazzled and broken.

I finally got it dry and straightened it out, it's still really bad and my concern is how can I fix this?? I'm already aware that I should refrain from washing it a lot and using salon products. Which are good? I was going to buy kerestase mask and shampoo and conditioner and I also wanted to get some type of frizz oil or serum. Do you have any suggestions?? I am completely devastated and at a loss of words for what has happened. Please advise I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you :-)

donna van 3 years ago

I have really damaged hair from a bad perm I got several months ago. Ive tried other products and didn't see any great results. My best friend recommended Shielo Restoration Oil - and I'm able to straighten my hair without it looking severely burned. It like seals the ends of my hair making it look healthy. I do believe this is magic in a bottle. A little goes a long way and it will last me awhile. It will fix yours too!

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