Tips and products for Straight Eyelashes. Make them Curly and Beautiful!

Straight Eyelashes?

Make them Curly, Long and Beautiful!

All my life I’ve seen my friends wearing water based mascara and being happy about it. Well not all of us are born with nice curly eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean we are condemned to look less pretty.

We just need to be careful in the curling process and choose the right products.

Here are the rules for Straight Eyelashes:

1.- No Humidity!

Try to curl your lashes before your fingers get in contact with any moisturizer, or wash your hands well after if you used one. Straight lashes can be stubborn, but they are not as hard to handle when they are perfectly dry, one more tip is not to try doing the curling in a room full of steam like after you shower, you’ll get tired of trying and failing and you can even irritate your eyes.

2.- Spoon.

Eyelash curlers are cool, but for dead straight lashes like mine are just not enough, they will just make your lashes go up at the roots while the tips still point forward, so unless you have at least slightly curly tips, go first for the almighty spoon.

I’ve tried all sorts of them in different shapes and sizes and the one I definitely can’t live without is a small baby spoon that is like square shaped with rounded corners, not too thick, not too thin.

Sometimes you can do all the job with just the spoon, some others you will still need the curler, depends on how much you want to lift them and how much time you have to do it.

Start by placing your left thumb right beneath your eyelashes and passing the spoon edge from the base of them to the tips holding the spoon in your right hand, (if you’re right handed) repeat this 6 or 7 times watching always the result in the mirror, you don’t want to curl them at the tips so much that they look smaller than they are, you want a spectacular result! Tips should point up with a slight curve to make them look longer, so the spoon does the natural curvature and the curler the rest.

3.- Curler.

Now you have slightly curly eyelashes, like those of most people born with natural ones, but for outstanding lashes we use our old friend the curler.

Usually a good one will last several years; you just have to change the cushion every now and then.

You need to be very careful if you aren’t used to a curler, the idea is to press the eyelashes with it at the very base of them, you might even feel a soft pull, but NEVER a pinch, if it causes you discomfort try and press them a bit away from the base where you feel more comfortable, but not halfway or close to the tips, remember the curler normally leaves an angle of 45 degrees so the closest it is to the base the least noticeable it is.

4.- Waterproof Mascara.

At this point you have the perfect canvas, straight up with that natural curve. Beautiful! If you apply now a regular water based mascara you will see your pretty eyelashes fall straight down again and now all covered in mascara, which means you will need to remove it and then start over again. We need Waterproof Mascara, is not as easy to remove as the regular one, we’ll talk about it later. That said now how to choose the right mascara? There are tons of products out there all promising miracles.

Well over the years I’ve learned there’s three things non natural curly lashes need:

  • A waterproof mascara that keeps them curly, there are mascaras with a formula so flexible that help keeping the curve and don’t ruin the tips, Out of all the ones I’ve tried (and believe me there are a lot) I trust two: L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara and Maybelline Sky High Curves, although I’ve heard the last one has been discontinued. I am currently using the Panoramic one and has been great for years, its curved brush helps with the curl but it’s the formula what really keeps your lashes curled up.

I prefer using this first also to give lashes more body.


  • A mascara to make them look longer.

Yes, we need a second mascara specifically formulated to make eyelashes look longer, the first one we used was primarily to maintain the curl, the point of this one is to reach every single lash from corner to corner. Wearing it on top of the curling one is a good idea, since mascaras made to improve the look of length are most likely thin, it would give you a very light effect by wearing it alone. The one that has really done the job for me lately is Maybelline NY Stiletto Mascara. It’s got a brush somehow twisted so it really reaches even those little baby lashes we didn’t even know we had.

This is also a great mascara for the lower lashes, it makes them look long and neat, so your eyes get an instant wider look!

TWO IMPORTANT TIPS: Don’t let the first layer of curly mascara dry too much before you apply the second one, if it does it will harden up and your lashes will become hard to handle. And always use waterproof mascara, even for this second layer. The waterproof version of Stiletto is the red one.



  • A Bold Thick Mascara.

At this point your eyes are framed by the perfect curl and they also look long; for some women that is enough, and it is also a nice daytime look, but if you want a more dramatic effect use a third mascara, once again waterproof and designed to thicken your lashes, I prefer a very black tone and your eyes are instantly bigger and sexier!

The one I love is Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara; the brush is extra big and can be a little hard to handle at first, be very cautious the first few times while you get used to it and also the first 3 or 4 applications the mascara is too “new” I mean too fresh and with this type of brush is easy to make a mess which would be a shame after all we have achieved!

So be very careful, all you want now is to improve your already gorgeous lashes. Again, try and do it while the other layers are still fresh and manageable, you can apply a subtle layer on your lower lashes too for a more dramatic effect, but as I said before, careful, steady hand.


5.- Waterproof Mascara Stains.

If you stain your skin with a waterproof mascara, remove it immediately with a Kleenex or cotton swab, don’t let it dry or the stain will stay there until you use a special product to remove it, you’ll interrupt the mascara process... Just save yourself the trouble while it’s still easy.

6.- Eyes First.

Another recommendation is, always do your eyes makeup first, out of all areas, this is the messiest one, so if you spill or make a mistake is always easier to clean it up without ruining your base; same applies for the eye shadows, otherwise you’ll find yourself having to redo your make up.

7.- Time to remove it?

Waterproof mascaras are the only choice for straight eyelashes, but they are also great to get away with a little humidity or water, you can even take a shower, of course not facing directly the stream of water! And your lashes will still point out enough to look good, is also great for the pool or the beach, as long as you don’t dive it will stay put.

The price to pay is that you are going to need an extra product to remove it.

Waterproof mascaras have a base of oil and sometimes wax, so they won’t go away with just water (that’s the whole purpose) You can get them off with any kind of oil, like baby oil, almonds oil or any cheap oil you can find at the drugstore over the counter, the bad thing of oils is that it will make a big stain all around your eyes and it can irritate your eyes a little, the stain can be wiped out with lotion.

But I’ve learned the hard way that the right product is often a time, money and thus a life saver.

For about $30 you can get Lancome Bi Facil. In the bottle you’ll see an oily liquid floating on the upper half over a tonic lotion, like oil over water although it is not exactly oil. This beauty will mix up when you shake it, creating a combination of the two ingredients you need to remove your waterproof mascara, apply it with a cotton pad, it is gentle to the eyes and leaves no mess, it takes way less time and rubbing too, which makes you lose less lashes with every removal. It’s a great product. But when I was low in cash and couldn’t get me one, I tried Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, it’s got the same principle, two separate liquids with different densities you shake them up and voila, you have the perfect product. I’ve found it has the exact same effect than Bi Facil except it costs around $11. And you can find it even at any Wal-Mart.

So there you go, straight down lashes don’t mean naked, simple eyes, it’s all about finding the right products and know how to combine them to get the most of them for our beautiful convenience.

Also none of the mascaras I mentioned above are more than $10 or $12 so it’s also affordable.


Ready to wear the sexiest eyes ever? You’re all set... GO!


Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!



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I my 3-D Fiber Lash mascara at and a blow dryer :)

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