Tips to Help You Choose the Best Tattoo Balm


Tattoo balms are not just used to help heal the skin after having a tattoo done, but are also used to prepare the skin. The best tattoo balm will also be a product that can help brighten and revitalize old or faded tattoos. Properties to look for include a good moisturizing agent, moisture protection, sun protection and anti microbial agents. Many tattoo balms contain essential oils such as rose, tea tree and lavender to help boost the ointment’s healing and soothing properties. These oils also help guard against infection while speeding up the healing process. You may also have to choose between a balm and a serum.

Preparing the Skin with Tattoo Balm

Preparing your skin before you get a tattoo done is just as important as taking care of your skin afterwards. If the skin is ready and in good condition, you may also find that the tattoo heals faster and that the tattoo looks much better. Tattoo balm can also be used to help the skin heal, and applying it regularly after having a tattoo done can help the skin heal and reduce the chances of infection or scarring. If you want to brighten up an old tattoo, then the best tattoo balm to use would be one that contains ingredients that will help liven up the faded colors.


The best tattoo balm will always contain a very potent moisturizing agent. Some of the common ingredients to look for include Shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and mango seed butter. These ingredients all moisturize and help to condition the skin. It will leave the skin feeling softer and more supple. There may also be ingredients that help firm the skin through the use of collagen-boosting ingredients.

Moisture Protection

If you’ve had a tattoo done, you’ll have to avoid getting the area wet. This is why a lot of the best tattoo balms on the market today offer moisture protection. These balms form a protective layer over the skin, and this will minimize contact with moisture. Applying it before you get into the bath or shower may help keep the tattoo dry. Beeswax is a common ingredient that not only acts as an emollient, but also creates a waterproof barrier on the skin. It’s a more natural alternative to other products that contain petroleum-based ingredients.

UV Protection

The best tattoo balm will also contain UV protection. Protecting your tattoo from excessive exposure to sunlight will help keep the colors brighter and more vibrant for longer. If the balm you choose doesn’t contain a sunscreen, always put one on before heading out into the sun.

Protection against Infection

Infection is one of the quickest and easiest ways to see a gorgeous tattoo ruined. A tattoo balm that contains tea tree, rose or lavender oil help protect against viruses, bacteria and even fungi while the skin is broken and vulnerable to infection. The soothing action of these oils may also help ease some of the pain and discomfort associated with the healing process.

You may also find serums made from oils, and these are just as effective as traditional tattoo balms. These products are most often sold in spray form, and may be easier to apply in areas that are harder to reach. This type of tattoo product may also be easier to use on larger tattoos, because of the easy spray application.

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onlinereputations profile image

onlinereputations 4 years ago from Dumaguete City

You learn something new everyday.

Emeraldgreen21 profile image

Emeraldgreen21 4 years ago from South Africa Author

Most definitely! I had loads of fun researching this hub. :-)

Bob Ferreira profile image

Bob Ferreira 4 years ago

Great information for anyone who is looking to get a new tattoo and wants to take good care of it. Interesting topic!

One tip I didn't see in here as that, while all of these are great ideas, make sure that at the very least you do not use any creams that have a fragrance to them. Even something as mild as a Jergens cream with Vanilla might contain FRAGRANCE oil, and not essential oils, like what you wrote about. Always double check the ingredients!


Emeraldgreen21 profile image

Emeraldgreen21 4 years ago from South Africa Author

Ah that's a good tip Bob; thanks for that. :-) Just out of interest, what would happen if someone had to use a balm with added fragrance? Does it affect the tattoo somehow?

Bob Ferreira profile image

Bob Ferreira 4 years ago

Having fragrance oils in a tattoo cream or lotion can cause irritation in the tattoo, causing redness and swelling in some people. Often times lotion with fragrance also contains alcohol - and who wants to put alcohol on an open wound!? Ouch.

Emeraldgreen21 profile image

Emeraldgreen21 4 years ago from South Africa Author

Ah, thank you Bob. I can see how that would be a problem now. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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