Titanium Jewelry-What makes It So Special

If you get a lot of bad reactions on your skin from wearing 14 karat gold jewelry then you may want to consider titanium jewelry as a viable option. One of the best characteristics of the metal that it is inert and therefore hypoallergenic and so it is great for products like titanium nose jewelry and titanium navel jewelry where it is important that the skin in these areas not break out in an allergic reaction.

Titanium will not react with chlorine, salt water and other types of compounds that gold and silver normally will and this is great for mens titanium jewelry because we men know that we like to wear our jewelry everywhere on the beach without having to take it off.

Titanium Jewelry Won't Cause Skin Allergies

It also would not react to oils in the skin and sunlight. This makes it ideal for people who get blisters and red marks on their fingers when wearing rings and jewelry made from other metals. Earrings in other metal types often cause an allergic reaction in the ears because the metal actually is in touch with the inner part of the skin and can cause irritation if it reacts to the chemicals in the skin.

Check out these colored huggie earrings in titanium above. Notice how the anodization is applied to a groove in the earring. This is to protect the colored part of the titanium which is actually oxidized titanium that will scratch more easily than pure titanium.

Titanium Body Jewelry - Hypoallergenic and Fashionable

This is why titanium earrings are so popular these days. Indeed it is also why titanium is the most used metal for body jewelry since body jewelry requires piercings of all kinds in all areas of the body and it's nice to know that you're dealing with the metal that is among the safest to use for this type of purpose.

Indeed titanium is used extensively in the medical industry in body implants because it will not react with any body fluids. Check out these colored titanium navel rings above. Even the oxidized colored titanium coating on them is hypoallergenic.

Titanium Jewelry in A Rainbow of Colors

Titanium also has the advantage of being able to be colored on the surface oxidation process which is much like when oil spreads on the surface of water and creates a rainbow color effect. Some very bright colors are achievable on the surface of titanium through this anodization process and so this is good for titanium body jewelry and also for kids jewelry because it can be extremely colorful as well.

Check out the beautiful titanium ring to the right. The colored coating need not be as bright and saturated giving a look of bubblegum jewelry. The color can also be done in a hue that is elegant while looking very chic. The brushed finish on the color as well as the gemstones add to the sophistication of the ring. It looks different but not cheap.

However the coloration is only as thick as the oxidation has reached into the titanium and can scratch off. This is why a lot of titanium jewelry is colored in groove areas that are not so easily reached by the elements and abrasive materials.

Titanium Jewelry Pricing

Titanium, unbelievably, is a very inexpensive metal selling for approximately $40 a pound compared to gold selling for over $1000 per ounce. However the pricing and titanium jewelry is mostly for the workmanship and the effort involved in machining and polishing of the metal, even the black titanium jewelry. So its not necessarily a win all situation for wholesale titanium jewelry distributors and manufacturers.

Titanium Jewelry - Durable and Strong

Because titanium is much harder than gold and silver and even platinum, it requires more time to machine and to polish to the desired finish. However it's good to know that once titanium is polished whether to a matte finish or to a shiny finish it will stay that way for much longer than any other metal. This is important in titanium jewelry for men because they are much harder on their rings, pendants and other jewelry.

Titanium Earrings are More Comfortable

Titanium is also a very light metal and feels good on the finger and especially on the ears when in the form of titanium earrings. Many women like to wear long, ornamental types of earrings these days. Gold and silver and even stainless steel can get quite heavy on the ears after six hours or so of wear. But using titanium for the same designs will result in an earring that is much more comfortable to wear for an entire day.

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penelope 6 years ago

Men’s titanium jewelry wedding bands are the best choice for signifying your love to your partner because of its characteristics of being harder than other metals yet it gives you a lighter feeling. Many people prefer their ring that way because it is as if the ring is part of their body and they hardly notice that they are wearing their wedding ring at all.

These wedding bands are made from solid bars of pure titanium that is known to be the main material used in aircrafts, industrial plants, automotive, military equipments, and is also used in medical surgeries and implants. The common titanium grade used for wedding band-making is the aircraft titanium which belongs to high class metals giving you the best quality you could get for your wedding celebration.

Mike Allin 6 years ago

Vera, I really enjoy your posts on titanium jewelery. In one of your posts "Inlay Titanium Rings" you showed a pink and black carbon fiber and titanium band, where did you select that ring? I think the girlfriend would like it a lot. She's a materials nerd like me.

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