Titanium Watches Are A Good Gift For Your Dad or Husband

Many people consider giving their dads or husbands a watch for their birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas. When people start looking at all the different types of watches out there, they realize there is a lot to choose from. There are watches made by Citizen, Fossil, Diesel, and many other brands, made with all kinds of different materials. But after taking time to consider what type of watch to get, they come to the conclusion that Dad needs something he can’t break easily, is durable, and looks good. To me, some of the watches that look the best are metal cased watches, with metal watch bands. If you are going to get a watch constructed of metal, you are going to want to get a watch made out of titanium.

Elemental titanium
Elemental titanium

Titanium is an elemental metal, meaning it occurs naturally as a metal, and is very strong and lightweight. It has the atomic number 22 and the periodic table symbol of Ti. Many people refer to it as the “space age metal” or the metal of 21st century. This is because this metal is used so much in various components required for our modern machines, for example aircraft, satellites, and space ships. Titanium is usually blended with another metal to enhance the properties it already has. For example, it is blended with iron or aluminum to produce a metal alloy that is stronger than steel, yet only weighs half as much. Titanium itself is corrosion resistant to almost all types of corrosive elements, including salt water, sea water, chlorine and many acids. It is also resistant to corrosion from bodily fluids, like sweat, which is what makes it great for watches. It will not discolor nor leave coloring on the skin of the wrist where the watch is worn. When blended with another inert metal like aluminum, it can be made even lighter and keep these properties.

Metal exposed to salt water
Metal exposed to salt water

Quality Titanium Watch Construction Matters

When you consider a titanium watch for your dad or husband, you will want to look at how the watch itself is constructed and how the watch band is constructed. The watch body should be made of a high quality alloy of titanium, which is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Some “titanium watches” are made from cheaper blends of titanium, or have very little titanium content, meaning these watch bodies may scratch or dent easier than normal. Watches using a cheaper blend of titanium will also corrode easier, though still not right away. But given enough time in the water, or an industrial environment, it will corrode, because the amount of titanium is not enough compared to the other metals used to make the alloy in the watch body. The band of the watch must also be made from high quality titanium. The metal watch band should be constructed with strong pins and links, and the entire construction of the watch band should be strong enough to withstand all that your husband or dad is going to put the watch through, especially if your dad is in a physically exerting job, like construction, manufacturing, or boating.

What Style of Watch Suits Your Dad Best?

The other thing to consider when shopping for watches for your Dad or husband is the style of the watch. Obviously, the watch is going to be made of metal titanium, but there are many variations on the style of watches out there. Some watches are thicker than others, and are heavier than others. Does your dad or husband like thin, lightweight watches, or do they prefer a watch that “feels” heavier duty and has a bigger face. You might be able to look at the watches they already own or say they like, and use that as a guide when shopping for the titanium watch you are going to buy him. Titanium watches, because of the strength of the metal, has the advantage of being very thin, and lightweight. Many men prefer this, as the watch does not get caught on things when working. Some manufactures make watches out titanium that are only a few millimeters thick, including the watch band. Just try to find the perfect compromise between form and function; your dad or husband will probably like the watch no matter what.

Titanium Watches Make Great Gifts

Titanium watches are the modern machines we can wear around our wrist, and not only do they look good, but they are strong, lightweight, and will last for a very long time, even in the harshest conditions. Titanium metal is what gives these watches that ability to withstand corrosion and rust, and a titanium watch can make the perfect gift for your husband or dad.

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Sarah 6 years ago

What's great about these titanium watches is that they are lightweight, but they appear to be heavy. Also, try scratching or breaking this metal...it's not gonna happen!

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