Top 10 fashion colleges

So you want to be next big thing in the fashion world. Well before you try getting your foot on the ladder you should try to get yourself into one of the schools below. The fashion world is notoriously fickle so if you have the “brand” of one of the world’s top fashion colleges on your resume it’s bound to help. There is no official list of “Top fashion colleges” unlike the top MBA lists that appear in every second newspaper you open. Below is a list of some of the top fashion colleges in the world. If you feel I’m leaving one out please feel free to mention it below in the comments area.


University of Arts London

This school includes alumni’s such as Stella McCartney, Steve McQueen and Jimmy Choo. The university is split into a number of different schools, the most famous fashion been Central St Martins. Not only would you get to study in one of the best fashion colleges in the world but you would also get to live in one of the trendiest cities in the world.


Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

If you are familiar with the hit reality TV show “The hills” you will remember that the main protagonist Lauren Conrad spent some time in college when she could fit it into her drama filled life. Well this is the college she studied in. There are four different campuses spread across California. The college is known for having close ties with the entertainment industry.


IFA Paris

If you fancy living in beautiful Paris and want to learn about fashion from the best this is the place to go. Paris has always been the home of fashion and it has been the source of many trends. The IFA will train you to compete with best in the fashion world no matter what speciality you decide to focus on.


Parsons New School for Design

This school is located in the super trendy Greenwich Village Manhattan and is known for been home of the hit reality TV show Project Runway. Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are two of its most notable alumni. It also has affiliate colleges in Paris, South Korea, Japan and the Dominican Republic.

New York Fashion Institute of Technology

Another Top school that is located in Manhattan this time on 7th avenue in the Chelsea district. The founder is now the fashion editor of the New York time and it counts none other than Calvin Klein himself among its alumni.

Politecnico di Milano

The milan polytechnic is one of the finest technology schools in the world and has a great fashion department that works closely with Milans thriving fashion industry. Its also a large university offering hundreds of other programs away from the field of fashion

Instituto Marangoni

This international college has campuses in three of Europe’s biggest fashion cities, Milan Paris and London. Students come from around the world study in these colleges meaning that its very much a multi cultural and diverse setting. They have numerous specialist fashion courses.

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine arts

This college is among Europe’s finest fashion schools. If your European and want to get into the world of fashion it is certainly worth considering.

Bunka Fashion College

Many of Asia’s big designers studied at this prestigious university. Set in downtown Tokoyo it has been the emerging point for many of the trends that have come out of Japan in recent years. If you’re looking for something completely different this could be your place.

Academy of Art San Francisco

The academy of art in San Francisco has a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest creative thinkers. Its fashion school is no different. It has locations in downtown San Francisco and also gives students the opportunity to study online

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Lourdes 3 years ago

How about the Polimoda school in Florence, Italy? It focuses on fashion marketing and merchandising more than fashion design but for these important fields within the fashion world, I believe it is at the top of the fashion schools in the world. You can see the wide variety of course offerings on Being in Florence, it has links with Gucci, Prada, Ferragammo, Pucci and other top Italian brands that allows students to do important internships during studies.

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