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Halloween Costumes for 2009


Halloween is right around the corner. Although Halloween is a fun time for everyone, parents may find it expensive and time consuming to buy cute and original costumes for their children. You can find various money saving tips online to find cheap halloween costumes. If you are artsy or have some time in your hands, you can make your own costume for your cute little ones. Shopping early is one of the main ideas to save money on halloween costumes. In fact, some people plan so early that they buy costumes for next year during this Fall. If you are buying Halloween costumes for babies or toddlers, there are factors to consider before buying a perfect halloween costume for them. The most important one is safety. Make sure they can see and have access to their hands and feet in the costume. You can find many Halloween accessories for so cheap at dollar stores around the country. If you decide to create your child's costume yourself, having the kids involved in various steps of the process adds to the excitement and fun of doing something together. Involving the little ones and the toddlers in the process lets them pick out items that goes into the halloween costume. The children will also be more willing to wear the costumes they helped make.

I have listed my top ten favorite Halloween Costumes for babies and toddlers below with pictures and description.


Baby lion Halloween costume
Baby lion Halloween costume

Halloween Costume #1. Cute Infant Baby Lion Costume

Perfect for a 12-18 month old baby. Oh, what a cute cub! Babies love the crinkly sound the lion face makes. This suit is made of super soft plush fur, with attached hood, tail, bottom snaps and fully covered feet with skid resistant soles. Your baby will receive tons of compliments from friends, family and strangers. Will make a great costume for you infant baby.

Smarties baby costume
Smarties baby costume

Halloween Costume #2: Baby smarties costume

Wrap up your little baby in this popular Halloween treat. The hooded bunting slips over baby's head and ties with cording at bottom. Perfect for infant babies that are 3 to 9 months.

Cookie monster costume
Cookie monster costume

Halloween Costume #3: Cookie Monster Costume

C is for Cute costume! And little cookie monsters "eat up" this one. Fun, furry zip-up, with attached hood.

Curious George costume
Curious George costume

Halloween Costume #4: Curious George Baby Costume

Dress your mischievous little monkey as this favorite storybook character. Comfortable and adorable halloween costume for your kid. Your baby could wear normal, comfortable clothes underneath and the costume has "hands and feet" and your baby will still able to use his hands and feet easily.

Baby Lobster Costume
Baby Lobster Costume

Halloween Costume #5: Baby lobster costume

The Perfect costume for your little floor crawler. Jumpsuit with attached character hood and slip resistant hood. Lobster costume has a Bright shiny red fabric. Fits sizes 12 to 18 months.

Review from Amazon: This costume is very original, and has an elastic bottom so it stretches to fit. The lobster claws are the cutest part. They attach to the hands so whenever the baby is waving its arms, it looks like they are waving their claws! Word of caution: this costume is made of a shiny slippery fabric and may not be ideal for infants that you plan to hold in your arms. Also, be aware that your little one will need to wear a red or orange outfit underneath. The tights are not included in the costume.

Check the costumes out at Amazon

Octopus Baby toddler costume
Octopus Baby toddler costume

Halloween Costume #6: Octopus Baby/Toddler Costume

You'll want more arms, too-for hugging your little one in this adorable outfit. It will also make a perfect gift as a cute and different halloween costume for a baby or a toddler.

Pirate toddler costume
Pirate toddler costume

Halloween Costume #7: Ahoy Matey Pirate Toddler or Kids Costume

He'll plunder yer candy bowl faster than ya can shout "ship ahoy!" Costume includes bandana with skull, shirt with attached vest, sash with skull, and pants with printed patches. There Be Treasure in Those Hills! And He'll Be Ready to Search For It in This Great Pirate Outfit! The costume does not come with a sword. You can get your own pirate blade as an accessory. Costs about $25.

Dragon costume
Dragon costume

Halloween Costume #8: Dragon Costume

Some dragons breathe fire, this one collects treats! Character hood, jumpsuit with wings, and paws. Looks great and you are sure to get a lot of compliments from friends and family. Makes a great and cute costume for your kid.

Sea Otter costume
Sea Otter costume

Halloween Costume #9:Animal planet: Sea otter baby/toddler costume

Your baby or toddler is bound to make a splash in this sweet suit. The costume features heirloom quality crafting, with lush frosted acrylic fur, a full satin lining, comforting elastic cuffs and bottom snaps that make diaper changes a breeze. The slip resistant feet are even specially shaped to match a sea otter's. And the character hood features a quilted satin lining to complete this adorable disguise. Great idea for a kids halloween costume.

Pumpkin halloween costume for baby and toddler
Pumpkin halloween costume for baby and toddler

Halloween Costume #10: Baby/toddler pumpkin costume

The cutest little thing come out of a pumpkin patch. Hat and plush pullover pumpkin with attached leaves and face. Fits sizes for toddlers and kids up to 24 months.

You can find all of these cute costumes at Celebrate Express. They have a great reputation and excellent customer service. Also, check out various online stores that seel halloween costumes for so cheap you can't find the variety and deals at brick and mortar stores.

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sherlynavia 8 years ago from United States

Nice hub!

Cherish77 profile image

Cherish77 8 years ago

Those are cute. I didn't buy one last year, couldn't find one I really liked. Instead, I improvised. My son had a Rock Star shirt he got for his birthday, so for Halloween, I put that on him, and put, purple, blue, and silver gel through his hair looked, super cute. This coming Halloween, we are gonna ll be super Heros.

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 8 years ago from Seeking Salvation

how cute.

outlawbybirth profile image

outlawbybirth 6 years ago from Lycraville, Florida

SO cute and adorable...great article and enjoy your children while they are small...time goes too quickly!

Pumpkin Costume 6 years ago

What a fantastic list of costumes! I'd say my favorite is the lobster costume as I'm originally from New England! Thanks!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

oooh those costumes are adorable esp. the kids wearing them! :D

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