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Everything you need to know to select the perfect bath & shower towel wrap for that special gift, or just to pamper yourself. Women and men of all ages enjoy the versatility of a nice and appropriately designed bath & shower towel wrap. If you have recently searched for a bath & shower towel wrap, you have probably found a wide range of materials from which they are made and related pricing. Within this Hub page we will explore the various materials, sizing issues, and reasons for significant price variances. Then you can better determine which type of bath towel wrap best meets your needs and/or the expectations of your gift recipient.

Several different type and quality of materials are used to make bath & shower towel wraps. The most common are cotton terry, cotton terry velour, micro-fiber, and cotton/polyester waffle weave. 100% cotton terry has loop terry on both sides of the material--the terry loops are the most absorbent part of the bath towel wrap--and come in weights ranging from 8 oz. to 14 oz. per square yard. 100% cotton terry velour has loop terry on the inside and sheared terry on the outside--absorbent loop terry is on the inside and the outside terry is sheared to provide a plush and luxurious feel and look on the outside--and come in weights ranging from 8 oz. to 12 oz. per square yard. Most people believe the 12 oz. weight is the most desirable as it provides substantial absorption qualities without undue weight. Both the micro-fiber and cotton/polyester waffle weave are very light weight, however they are not very absorbent, so if the user is not concerned with absorption qualities these fabrics may be satisfactory.

Many vendors of bath & shower towel wraps only provide one size and may indicate "one size fits all" or "one size fits most". These claims need to be carefully considered. Although most of the better bath towel wraps have both elastic in the top band, and Velcro closures, the adjustability is normally limited to 8" to 12". The sites and stores offering better quality bath & shower towel wraps will generally provide sizing information (range of bust sizes for which the bath & shower towel wrap is designed), and may offer two or three sizes to accommodate a range of sizes. Also, the lengths of women's bath & shower towel wraps do vary--some are 25" long, and others may be 32" long, with many in between these lengths. The length depends on personal preference with the high school and college girls generally preferring a shorter length. Bath & shower towel wraps made by Sanders Classics are offered in different sizes in a variety of colors and trims. Web stores that carry Sanders Classics bath & shower towel wraps include Classic Personalized Gifts, Best Towel Wrap and Sassy Ladies Favorite Things.

Pricing is based on a number of factors--type of fabric, weight of fabric, source of fabric (fabric from Turkey is generally considered the most desirable), and whether cut and sewn in USA, China or South America. In summary, all bath & shower towel wraps are not the same--there is significant difference in quality.

While there are several sites and stores offering high quality bath & shower towel wraps at fair prices, one site, which offers a large variety of colors, trims and sizes is


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