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Trash City Jewelry is better known as Fashion Jewelry, Designer Jewelry or Costume Jewelry and it represents an enormous part of American culture and our entire world culture.

Because of this huge interest, Trash City Jewelry also commands a huge market with millions of buyers worldwide.

Costume or Fashion Jewelry has been part of world culture for almost 300 years.

During the 18th century, cheap jewelry made with glass was being produced to adorn the hands and necks of common ladies who desired the style and elegance that for so long only royalty and the upper crust could afford.

After almost a hundred years, in the 1800s, fashion jewelry made of semi precious material came into the market.

The use of semi precious material made the jewelry available to many more people which of course, with the help of the industrial age, snowballed into the huge market it is today.

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Costume Jewelry aka:Trash City Jewelry

The real golden era for costume jewelry began in the middle of the twentieth century with demand skyrocketing as the gap between the upper class and middle class became smaller.

Many women desired the beautiful jewelry made popular by movie stars and the insanely rich that they saw on screen and TV.

With the advent of the Industrial age, mass produced items were available at reasonable prices that were affordable to millions.

The silver screen ignited a demand for jewelry and fashion that was seen on the stars of the popular movies and shows of the era.

With this demand came an influx of suppliers who were taking advantage if the industrial machine and low cost, semi precious stones and gems from Russia and Czechoslovakia to produce low cost, quality jewelry that people in the lower and middle class could afford.

Trash City Jewelry

Today, certain lifestyles rely on individuals expressing themselves with glitter and glitz.

The Hip Hop scene is rife with over sized chins and pendants riddled with gems that sparkle and shine, name plates and four finger rings that tell the world just how successful that has been.

Not everyone can afford the extravagant price tags that come with a gold chain that thick so...

That is where Trash City Jewelry comes in.

Trash City Jewelry is top quality retail jewelry priced to make you smile.

If your in need of bling, glass, ice, rocks, gems, floss or sparkle then you are in the right place.

Trash City Jewelry has what you need right here and it’s ready to make you shine.

Remember, jewelry is all about how it makes YOU feel.

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