Travel Wallet

For organization of documents and credit cards, a travel wallet is an excellent idea.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors, though the key features are similar. They are available in leather or vinyl, depending on the nature of your trip and the types of activities you will be participating in.

One of the key features is the passport holder. It allows the passport to be secured; yet, opens fully for those times when you need to display your passport. This feature saves time and makes going through customs for international travel a bit easier. It also helps prevent the passport from being lost or stolen in crowded airports, rail stations or other busy travel hubs.

Another feature is the zipper.  Many styles allow the wallet to be zipped entirely, for increased protection from loss, theft or the elements.  This feature also prevents other documents and credit cards from being lost or stolen.  Some styles have sturdy chains attached that clip on to your belt loop or other place on your clothing.  The advantage to this is that it will not be dropped if you are bumped or pushed in a crowded area while traveling. This feature also makes it more difficult for somebody to reach in your pocket and take your wallet.  You will definitely know when somebody is trying to do this, when your wallet is attached to you. It also allows you to keep your hands free while transporting luggage or bags to and from an airport counter, into a taxi or onto a bus.

Many styles contain several zippered pouches for carrying currency.  Whether U.S. dollars, some other currency or both, this feature allows you to separate currencies and makes exchanging money less challenging. Many styles provide slots for business cards.  This is important for the frequent business traveler who needs quick access to information from business associates.  It may also contain several slots for credit cards, to help keep them organized in the manner you desire.  Nearly all styles contain a slot with a clear cover, for displaying an ID such as a driver license.

As there are so many styles, you can choose the one that most suits your needs. For the business traveler, a nice grain leather style in a neutral color or black will look more professional.  For the adventurer, the vinyl styles may be more appropriate, as they will repel water and keep your documents and cards dry. There are many considerations in choosing the right style for you.  There are also different price ranges.  Any type of traveler can find a suitable travel wallet for their needs.


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