Travelpro Luggage

Travelpro manufactures a complete line-up of innovative and durably designed travel bags. The Travelpro Luggage series consists of the Platinum - Crew - WalkAbout - TPro Xtreme Lite - and Executive First luggage sets.

All Travelpro Luggage sets come with quality and style in mind, as well as offering a multitude of unique and practical features. Features to appear include a single-hand locking handle, rubberized comfort grip, top or side handles, a collapsible hook, sleeve or full-length pockets, and removable wheels. All bags are constructed in a ballistic nylon material for a tough and durable build.

Travelpro Collections

The Platinum 6 series features a stylish collection of luggage sets for the frequent traveler, with chrome accents, oversized skate-style wheels, all with a wealth of practical features. The Crew 7 series consists of a sleek and durable styling, with leather accents, fully lined interiors for a compact and super lightweight luggage item on easy-glide wheels. The Walkabout Lite 3 offers lightweight durability, all combined with its innovative suit-folder and packing board system, for a complete hassle-free experience.

The TPro XtremeLite series all comes equipped with comfort handles, ultra-light frame, easy-glide wheels in a durable fabric and packed with features for a traveler in mind. In addition, the ExecutiveFirst offers a sharp and professional look for a business-person in need of a deluxe organizer for laptop to all essentials on a business trip, with an option for conventional handles or roll on in-skate wheels.

Shopping for Lightweight Luggage

Several factors come into choosing the ideal Travelpro bag. Firstly, is the type of luggage, is it an expandable rolling duffel on wheels or a city tote to carry by hand. Size wise these travel bags come in a multitude of dimensions to take a light or heavy load. It can also help to research the features such as pockets, compartments, straps as well as the vast array of colors and styles.

Travelpro Luggage offers a series consists of an immense selection of highly reliable, compact, and stylish bags for a frequent traveler - all at affordable and low-cost prices. In view of the lightweight nature of the Travel pro Luggage sets, expect to find these travel bags at an ultra light 2.0lbs to 13.8lbs, all with a almost indestructible honeycomb frame, lining that's water resistant, and an abundance of individual sections for true packing convenience.


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