Treating Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts are most often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin that comes about with rapid growth or weight gain. As a result, stretch marks on breasts commonly develop during puberty or during pregnancy.

Stretch marks on breasts occur when there is a lot of stress and stretch placed on the collagen fibers in the skin, which causes them to fray. If this stress is repeated the fibers break which causes the characteristic abnormal surface texture of stretch marks.

Those with certain skin types are more susceptible to developing stretch marks due to the type of collagen and elastic present in the skin, so to some extent stretch marks can be considered hereditary.


How to Prevent Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts are difficult to remove but there are products that can be used to help prevent stretch marks and minimize their severity.

The best products for preventing stretch marks on breasts are those that contain natural moisturizers to soften and hydrate the skin, and antioxidants to help treat scarring. This could include ingredients such as:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive oil
  • Rosehip oil


How to Treat Stretch Marks on Breasts

Unfortunately, there is no product that can cure or completely remove stretch marks on breasts, or any other part of the body.

However many of the same products that help prevent stretch marks, can also help to assist in minimising the visible signs of stretch marks on breasts.

Over time, stretch marks naturally fade and return to a colour close to that of the surrounding skin, and become much less visible. By using a moisturiser that helps replenish the elastin in the skin it is possible to accelerate the process.

The way to find the most effective treatment for your stretch marks is a case of trial and error and no two skin types are identical and different people respond to different treatments.

As a first step, try using natural products such as Bio Oil or Palmer's Cocoa Butter. These two products have been used by thousands of women worldwide and some have experienced good results. Alternatively, you could opt for some of the other stretch mark creams specifically designed for stretch mark treatment.

The best way to find products that will treat your breast stretch marks on breast is to read the product reviews submitted on These are impartial reviews posted by women who have actually purchased and used the products. The reviews can give you a good idea of which products worked for certain skin types and which products to avoid.

Buying stretch mark products on also has the added bonus of being much cheaper than regular stores for exactly the same product!

Stretch marks on breasts can be a source of distress however by using a stretch mark cream and minimising their appearance, you can take positive first steps to regaining confidence in your body.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - one of the more popular products for treating stretch marks on breasts


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