Tuxedo Shirt

While the traditional tuxedo shirt, with pleated front and French cuffs, remains the most popular choice for special occasion dressing, other fashionable options are available.  Many consider the shirt to be an after thought, but more and more men's wear designers have begun to experiment with new types of styling, offering options in a variety of cuts and colors.  These once high end details can now be found in most department stores, from high end to clothing discounters, as well as online and through tuxedo rental shops.  If you are hoping to make a statement when attending your next black tie function, consider selecting an updated version of the dress shirt.

Flat front shirts are quickly becoming the tuxedo standard.  For men who favor a straight tie as opposed to a bow tie, the flat front shirt creates a more laid back, fashion forward look.  If you are considering this style, the fit is extremely important.  Shirts should not be baggy, as they are more likely to show wrinkles than pleated options would.  They look most lux when made with a fine, tight knit fabric.  Cuffs should still extend slightly below the jacket's cuff, but there is no need to wear cuff links with this streamlined style.  As your shirt will be more reserved, it allows more freedom to experiment with new cuts and embellishments on the tuxedo jacket itself.

Color has also become more of a staple in men's dressing.  Before opting for a color shirt, make sure that the rest of your tuxedo and its accessories are relatively traditional.  This will keep the look formal and matched, but will still make a great impression.  The color choice is largely a personal preference.  Pastels are often shown on the runway, but many men prefer to stick with darker, solid colors.  Patterned shirts may also be worn with a tuxedo, but special care should be taken in ensuring that the look is harmonious.

Even with all these options, sometimes the best tuxedo shirts are the traditional ones.  These are widely available both through tuxedo rental shops and in stores both online and locally.  If you own your own tuxedo, make sure that you update your white shirt as soon as it begins to look worn.  Before wearing, always make sure that the collar still fits, as these shirts must be buttoned to the neck.

 Whether you are hoping to make a fashion forward statement at your next event, or are just opting for the traditional look, tuxedo shirts are a big part of perfecting the look.


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