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Tweed, popular amongst the landed gentry since time immemorial, has made a comeback into quirky mainstream fashion over the last few years. Perhaps you've yet to notice it in your corner of the world, but I assure you, it is only a matter of time before your local department store begins to stock knock off tweed items to the confusion and chagrin of the elderly who remember very clearly the day they discarded tweed for denim. But history, it is repeating, and along with steampunk, which celebrates Victorian styles and ideas, tweed is considered to be the dress of fashionable ladies and gentlemen once more.

But how does one wear tweed? Well, as any high spirited youngster knows, one wears tweed how one wishes to wear tweed! (With a monocle is always nice.)

I found this priceless gem from About.com fashion guide Cynthia Nellis, and I just had to share it:

“Don't wear your tweed literally --like with matching skirt-- for the most interesting looks. Instead, pair with denim, a flirty skirt or a bright pair of cords.”

As much as I yearn to defer to about.com's wisdom in choosing their guides, I encourage my readers to most certainly literally wear their tweed garments, as not literally wearing their tweed garments may lead to something of an 'Emperor's New Clothes' situation which your local law enforcement is unlikely to see the humorous side of. And where will Cynthia be then? Will she be posting your bail? No, she will be cackling merrily away at the latest season of American Idol.

More advice on wearing tweed comes from 'Hip-hop’s charismatic young star T.I.' courtesy of GQ

T.I says

“Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that tweed is fall fashion. I’ve always liked tweed and corduroy. My pops was a fly guy. He used to wear leisure suits, turtlenecks, and tweed blazers with the suede patches. “

He goes on to offer the following relationship advice to the interviewer

Yes, men have double standards, but women do, too. You want women’s rights and equal opportunity, but when it comes time to pay the rent, then it’s all on us. Y’all ain’t cutting the grass half the time, but y’all want us to cook half the time. Y’all ain’t fixing the cars half the time, but you want us to clean up half the time. This sh*t is real. I ain’t making it up.

Yeah, but we have to give birth.
Yeah, well, we have to deal with the police.'

And when you do deal with the police, a la T.I, gents, you will be looking very spiffing in your tweed overcoat, will you not?

As Sherlock Holmes once said, 'Keep it real, Watson.'

You can find the clothing in the charming photos on the Marie Claire website, where I found them.

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