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This year everyone who is anyone seems to be jumping aboard the Ugg footwear and accessories bandwagon, buying the Australian companies products like there will be no tomorrow, and like any best selling product their are many copycat footwear companies trying to get a slice of the pie selling cheaper versions of the UGG style using inferior materials and crude workmanship.

UGG Footwear has become one of the major footwear companies world wide and the brand name has become synonymous for quality comfort and style, all of UGG,s products also come with a one year warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

The warehouse where I work has been innundated this month with orders for UGG and it isn't just the ladies who want to get their hands, or should I say feet, on them there has been a massive increase in UGG sales in mens and childrens sizes, UGG accessories are also in great demand as people prepare themselves for a long cold winter and UGG gloves, mittens and earmuffs are an essential for keeping warm and toastie.

Womens UGG Selection

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Women have more choice than ever before this year with many new styles and colors that will match any outfit this winter, They are selling out as quickly as they hit the stores and the warehouse is shipping over 1000 pairs a day to try and keep up with the demand, the UGG brand is so popular that a special shipping area has been set up in the warehouse for them.

It isn' just outdoor footwear, UGG also have a great range of slippers to keep your feet warm on those cold winter nights. and a range of shoes for that casual occasion.



The pictures on the right are only a small selection of the different styles and colors available this year, each of the styles come in a full range of sizes and colours.

UGG are the must have winter footwear brand this year for ladies and without a doubt they will be for many more years to come.

They are soft, warm and second to none for comfort and with a one year warranty to boot, pardon the pun, The quality and workmanship stands out from the crowd.

UGG For Men

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UGG for men are shooting up the popularity charts this year outselling most other brands in the warehouse, like the ladies, men have a bigger choice than ever before this year and the styles and design's have changed to suit the more active of us, they also come in a shoes range for casual occasions or slippers for when you are relaxing at home.

UGG for men have a more masculine look this year instead of the same design as the women have only in mens sizes,these new designs have the look and feel of a new classic in the making.

The pictures on the right show a selection of mens UGGs which come in many more colors styles and sizes ensuring a perfect match for any taste.

UGG for mens footwear also come with a 1 year warranty, ensuring that the quality and workmanship of their products stay are of a very high standard.

It isn't just the lady of the house who will be warm and cosy this year in their UGG shoes, boots and slippers everyone in the household can now have that luxury as UGG cater for all of us.

UGG Childrens Selection

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Now that the Adults have been sorted out with their UGG footwear, it's time to concentrate on the kids, again this year for children UGG have a bigger selection than ever before and there is sure to be a product that is just perfect for anyone, like the adult UGGs Childrens come in a wide range of styles sizes and colors, there is also a selection of shoes ,boots and slippers to suit all tastes.

children will be the envy of their peers when they turn up at school in their new UGG footwear.

The pictures on the right are just a small selection of the great range of UGGs for kids.

UGG footwear is available for all ages and foot sizes from birth upwards.

UGG Accessories selection

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ear muffsscarf hathatbaghathatbeanieconditionercleaning kitbagscarfgloves
ear muffs
ear muffs
scarf hat
scarf hat
cleaning kit
cleaning kit


Ugg not only provides a fantastic range of footwear for all of the family, but they have a fantastic range of accessories that compliment the range from earmuffs to handbags to hats UGG have something for everyone. and they also have a special cleaning product specialy made for their products.

The pictures on the right show a sample range of UGG accessories, they also come in different colours and sizes to suit all tastes.


UGG Accessories on Amazon

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Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

I typically hate UGG boots, but I like the Ballet flats that you have featured at the bottom. If they were less than $100, I'd so buy a pair.

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

I also really cannot stand boots as they often are two confining for my calves.  However, the variety of uggs are nice and it sounds like they are great if you love a comfortable boot.

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

I am a big fan of boots and need a new pair for this winter, this helps.

2patricias profile image

2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Just back from a few days in Birmingham where everyone on the street is into fashion - and certainly saw a lot of Ugg boots there. Mostly on younger women, and worn in brighter colours.

mmiller profile image

mmiller 8 years ago

Love my Ugg boots! Would wear them all year if I thought I could get away with it! Never wear socks with them

Alison Brimson 7 years ago

I have ugg boot and I simply adore them!They are so confy I wore mine for three weeks stright!Including to bed and in public!I like mine that much! WOW!I totaly recomending them to anyone!Also you should buy the full care set.It helps lots!

Nakojua 7 years ago

Great Hub! I am In Love With Ugg Boots!! especially those class Cardy ones with the buttons! I'm trying to figure out which color I should get that would go good with my dark blue denim jeans, any ideas??

KaleBear 7 years ago

All my friends have UGGS... all styles, all colors! I am dying for a grey short pair because, having tried on my friends, they are cute, comfortable and stylish! LETS GO UGG! lolzzz

melindawhm profile image

melindawhm 7 years ago

Great hub! I am a fan of boots too, especially in the winter.

ugg boots 6 years ago

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