Shoes : Uggs, How I Hate Thee...

Ugggggggggssssss ( in evil zombie voice)
Ugggggggggssssss ( in evil zombie voice)

Obviously from the title of my article we can assess that I am not a fan of Uggs. I personally think they are ugly as all hell and deserve to be burned. For years I have watched women and children...sometimes men, wear these things and can only look on in horror. I understand wearing them in the winter.There purpose it warm your feet and they seem to do a good job of that, but then I see them in the summer....Why would you wear Uggs in the summer? and with skirts and shorts no less! It makes no sense to me.

But...I Find Myself Wanting a Pair..DAMN IT!

I've spent years completely against the idea of even owning a pair of Uggs. Until last night when my father, with out his knowledge and with good intentions, bought me a pair of booties similar to Uggs so I could walk around the house with them and not dirty my white socks. I have a habit of ruining socks. Shrugs. So of course being the wonderful daughter that I am, I faked a smile and thanked him graciously. Little did I know the horrors that where about to commence. I tried them on while he watched, just to make dear old dad happy. And it did make him happy because thanks to my Oscar worthy performance, he believed I loved the present he got me. But I didn't.... or I thought I didn't. It wasn't til about an hour later that I realized I was still wearing them. I wore them while I watched the Walking Dead (AMAZING SHOW). Even when I went to bed.( I forgot I still had them on). And now, as I am writing this, I find myself wearing them and on the UGGS website looking to buy a pair.

I think I have fallen prey....


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anunez49 profile image

anunez49 5 years ago from New York Author

lol jean, then you totally know what I'm talking about!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

I am grinning so much as I write this. I think Uggs are awful too, and couldn't understand the attraction. Yet the other day I was shopping and almost bought a pair. I do own a pair of goose down slippers, and they recently got me thru a 6 day power outage. The brown ones are nice, not sure I'd go for the pink! Hmm, light blue looking good too. Must move on!

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