Ugly NFL Sweaters

NFL Sweaters One too Many Ugly Sweaters

Most sports fans support their favorite NFL teams during the year by wearing a sweatshirt, jersey or t-shirt featuring their team logo or favorite players name on it. During Christmas and the winter season fans can easily support their team by wearing an ugly sweater.

The NFL brings us Ugly NFL sweaters for you to wear to parties and even sporting events. Get a good laugh when you walk in the door. Buy one as a gift for your favorite sports fan they will be sure not to receive anything else like it.

The sweater features large horizontal striping in team colors with the teams name across your chest, along with a ribbed neck and different color sleeves. 100% acrylic this will be the hit of your next holiday party!

Ugly NFL Sweatesr

Choose Your Favorite NFL Teams

The ugly sweater has several of the top favorite NFL teams to choose from when deciding on an Ugly NFL sweater. You can select from the

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Giants
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Washington Redskins

Plus there are several more including Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, and several of the other popular NFL teams.

Back of an Ugly NFL Sweater

Back of one of the choices for NFL Sweaters
Back of one of the choices for NFL Sweaters | Source

Choosing your Size for a Sweater

When selecting a size for one of these sweaters that are gender neutral be sure to select one that will fit after washing. Sometimes sweaters may shrink in the wash but not always. The sizes are from Medium up to size xx-large.

Read the reviews from others who have purchased a sweater to find out what their experience has been with the sweater. Also read the questions posted on Amazon about what materials the sweater is made of, how accurate the size is and what other opinions they may have.

Reading reviews sometimes helps buyers make the decision if this is the right item for them to buy for themselves or as a gift.

It's easy enough if you do receive it and want to return the sweater. Amazon's return policy is pretty easy to follow. But to save the hassle try to make sure ahead of time you never know until it comes in the mail.

More Ugly Sweaters

In addition to the Ugly NFL sweaters you can always find ugly sweaters for your other favorite sports teams including sweaters for NCAA, New York Yankees, and many other team sports.

If you have a sports fan in your family and never know what to buy them this may be the most impractical and fun gift to give them.

Be the hit of a sporting event or party when you walk in with a funny sweater to support your team.

You can also get creative and take an old sweater or t-shirt and create your own fun and unique sweater for a party. Especially when it comes to playoffs and Super Bowl time you may just have a family tradition or obsessive fan that you want to create the perfect shirt for by adding some logos, designs, or getting some fabric markers to draw on the shirt, add some patches or just get creative and look online for ideas on making your own!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Where do you Wear an Ugly Sweater?

Where should you wear and ugly sweater? Office parties, family gatherings, Christmas school events, and even holiday shopping. You'll be sure to turn heads and have everyone grabbing for their phones to take a picture with you and your Christmas or Ugly sweater.

Make the kids laugh when grandpa shows up in a bright colored sweater supporting his home team. Co-workers will get a kick out of the out of state transplant who comes in wearing the opposing team colors.

No matter where you choose to wear your sweater it's all in fun and you can wear it year after year and share your photo memories in a scrapbook or photo album.

Mom and Grandma's get in on the fun

These ugly sweaters aren't just for the guys. Mom and grandma can support their team also by wearing a unique NFL sweater.

For Christmas wear your favorite color sweater showing your team spirit or just pick the one you like the best to wear as your favorite winter sweater. The colors are fun and vibrant so you may just want to choose for the color selection and not just to show your team support!

Ugly NFL Sweaters

Ugly Matching NFL Scarf

If you want to just add an accessory to your wardrobe there are Ugly NFL scarves also that can be worn and given as gifts. You can wear one with your sweater or just alone to support your favorite team.

An ugly scarf features the team logo and will keep you warm on those cold winter days or when you go to a game.

Have you ever made an Ugly Sweater?

Have you ever made an ugly sweater or something to wear for the holiday season that was just funny or interesting? Leave me a comment below to share your experiences and fun ideas for getting creative supporting your team or creating an interesting item to wear for the holidays!

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